My outfits of the week: First Week of School

    For the first day of school this year I wore a red, pleather Forever 21 skirt paired with a white tee, grey scrunchie and white sneakers from H&M. The high-waisted skirt was flattering on the waist without drawing too much attention away from the rest of the outfit. The white shoes paired with the white tee added a nice color contrast by drawing away attention from the skirt. I felt that this look was pretty casual and could be worn for multiple occasions. As for accessories, I wore a long, gold chain with a small Virgin Mary charm attached. I loved the gold and red color combination, so I also wore gold hoops. As a bag, I carried a white, blue and red striped bowling bag (not pictured). It’d been sitting in my closet for years and I felt as though it helped match the casualness that the sneakers and tied tee shirt brought to the outfit. It was also a creative way to carry all of my school supplies.

    I had a bit of trouble this morning. Although I’ll admit, I have countless piles of clothing scattered throughout my room and I’d consider it more of a “Floordrobe” than bedroom, I couldn’t find an outfit to save my life. I’d estimate that I tried on at least 20 combinations of the same three items before eventually giving up and convincing myself not to show up to Algebra naked. I continued contemplating this idea until a better one arose. A few weeks ago I purchased a plus sized, black tee shirt from forever 21. (Yes, I know there is a lot of debate with Forever 21 involving fast fashion but i decided to go the cheap route.) Honestly, I hated this shirt and quite frankly thought it was the ugliest thing I’d ever spent my money on until I decided to get creative. Using the negative energy which fueled my current frustration, I grabbed a pair of rusty, bulky scissors that happened to be beside me and went to town. I grasped the black fabric and made large slits using the scissors. I then pulled the now existing rips until a large piece of fabric dangled from the front. It was perfect. This fugly smock that I questioned myself for buying was now my creation. Something I admired and felt confident in. This is what fashion is: re-creating, inventing, and trying new things.

    I have Bumbershoot, the infamous Seattle festival, to thank for this look. I admired the way many girls reclaimed their childhood hairstyles bringing back pigtails, space buns etc. Before this, I hadn’t realized the large impact hair can play and how much it can change your appearance. I decided to try the pigtails and immediately fell in love. If you can’t already tell, I pair black and white together frequently. This entire outfit is based off of it. They’re two colors that compliment each other well, and are almost impossible to mismatch when wearing together. The vertical stripes made the illusion of a longer figure and the tight, round toed shoes also helped with this. My shirt was a white tanktop with the phrase “Just a girl” printed across the chest in black writing. I may be just a girl, but I’m a very fashionable one.

    Day four. I went all out ya’ll. The red pleather is back and better than ever. I admit, I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit to school ever again although I did feel pretty badass. The length of the dress quickly became an issue while walking and so did the fit of the fabric. The fact that it was 78 degrees outside didn’t help either. I honestly don’t remember which shoes I wore but I’ll let you use your imagination. I enjoy clothing with potential and this has a lot of it. Easily worn for going out or can be turned into a more casual look by adding a denim jacket and sneakers. I often struggle with my style, ranging from grungy, straight hippy, and basic white girl. This dress could apply to any of these.

    Finishing the week. I woke up in a horrible mood this morning and really didn't want to be bothered. With little sleep and high anxiety, I wanted to stay in bed and avoid everyone. Obviously, this wasn't an option so instead I decided to camouflage myself. Clearly, I wasn’t very successful as purple camo print is pretty eye catching, but you get the idea. Fashion is expression. I dress to accompany my mood, ideas, and day.