FX Makeup Must-Haves

    If you are into makeup, and you love being spooked, this list of special effects makeup must-haves is probably for you.

    Inspiration from Glam&Gore on YouTube

    FX makeup is a popular hobby, especially around now, during the spooky season. I have compiled a list of useful tools and materials for your FX makeup bag:

  • Liquid latex - This is a commonly used material, good for creating fake cuts, and extra layers of skin. Good for beginners. Please don't use if you're allergic to latex. Seriously.
  • Spirit gum or pros aide - Spirit gum and pros aide are relatively interchangeable, with only a few differences. They both aid in adhering prosthetics or other small objects to a person.
  • Cream paint - Cream paint is wonderful. Easy to use, it is good for coloring anywhere, even near the eyes. Cons include its ability to transfer onto household objects or clothing.
  • Alcohol paints - This is much like what we know as water colors, but instead of being activated by water, it is activated by alcohol. It is dangerous to use around or above the eyes.
  • Translucent powder - This is handy for setting paint, usually cream paint.
  • Setting spray - Also good for setting your makeup look.
  • Isopropyl Myristate - This is used for removing makeup of all types. From FX makeup to waterproof beauty makeup this is very useful. It may irritate some skin.

  • FX blood - This is very easy to make, and useful for painful fresh cuts, even scabs. Comes in all colors and textures. Can stain everything.
  • Rigid Collodion - This is rather dangerous to use. It basically tightens the skin where it is applied and creates a sort of scar look. It can be overused very easily. Be careful.
  • Cotton balls - Handy for taking off makeup and building up layers of skin with liquid latex.
  • Q-tips - Good for taking off makeup. Not very good for sticking in your ears. Seriously, look it up.
  • Popsicle sticks - Good for mixing paint.
  • Cosmetic palette knife - Great for mixing anything and applying.
  • Metal or plastic palette - Used to mix stuff on.
  • 90%+ rubbing alcohol - Good for removing makeup and paints from counters and tools.
  • Plastic cups - Use to mix in.
  • Wedge sponges - Great for applying certain textures.
  • Tissue paper - Great for building layers with liquid latex.
  • 99% alcohol - Good for activating alcohol paints.
  • Vaseline  - Good for removing paints and prosthetics gently from skin.
  • A heck ton of brushes - For applying paints.
  • Bald caps - If you're planning on working over your head.
  • Lubricant - Great for achieving a fresh wound look, smear lightly on top of wounds.
  • Contacts - Great for making people think you're a demon from Supernatural.