teens and tatoos by casey sage

Teens and Tattoos

This article is kind of my opinion about tattoos on teens. First of all, I believe tattoos are truly a work of art if chosen wisely and with caution. Tattoos can be meaningful, or can be used as a cover up or just as a piece of art on someone’s body and I personally would like to have more tattoos.

Right now, the state of Washington has banned anyone getting tattoos under the age of 18 years old. I know what you are thinking. No, not EVEN with your parent’s permission, sorry. There are few places that 16 year olds can get tattoos in the USA with parent permission: Hawaii, Florida, and Idaho. Luckily, Idaho isn’t too far! And these states know that minors will take advantage of their age policy, so they are pretty prepared.

I personally, think that as a parent, you know you can’t stop your child from doing something they have their mind truly set on. When I was a child, I loved the water. I used to do all sorts of water sports, such as: dive team, water polo, swim team. When I was 13 I went surfing for the first time. I fell in love with it. I have known since a kid that I loved the water, it always had a calming effect on me. At just 14 years old, I knew I wanted a small tattoo of a wave on my body. At 16, I STILL wanted that wave on my body. Well, recently I went to Florida and my mom had agreed on one small tattoo before 18 because she knew I hadn’t changed my mind about what I had been wanting for almost three years. And about two weeks ago, I got that little wave on my right ankle. And let me say, I have never loved that part of my body more.  At 18, my mom and I will be getting matching ankle tattoos on the inner left ankle, because they are so incredibly meaningful.

My belief is that teens know how to do stick and pokes. They figure out ways to do tattoos illegally and not always safely. I think that if a minor truly wants ink, and has known for awhile what they wanted, it is worth it. Because truth is, tattoos are beautiful pieces of art that carry memories and stories along with them.  And if a teen is certain of what they want, and have known for a long time, they should be legally be allowed to get them safely at a shop.

Here are some opinions on tattoos by Nova students:

  • “Tattoos are a great way to express one’s self individuality, and can be a great way to remember something important to you.”

  • “I think tattoos are a great and unique way for people to express their artistic tastes and individuality. I don’t think whether or not someone has tattoos shouldn’t be considered a reason not to hire someone for a job at all.”

  • “I think you should think for at least a year to make sure you want it, and don't get one anywhere that it can't be covered up by dressy clothes, I don't think teens should be able to get them at all if they haven't stopped growing, and I think they shouldn't be able to get them anywhere that isn't covered by normal clothing.”