Superhero sighting at nova by noa

This article is really silly.



At 2:30 PM, February 29th, witnesses claim to have seen a masked vigilante dressed as a large rat, run to the top floor of the Nova building, reorganize all the laptops in a cart, and disappear. Several other sightings have been observed in the past month, and the entire community has been speculating about the identity of this local guardian. So far, they’ve left no clues as to their identity, but most think they are a student attending Nova. So today on Nova News, we’re discussing the mystery of the Nova superhero in rat apparel: Novaculite.

The first Novaculite sighting was one month ago. A student walked into the animation classroom on the top floor, and saw a figure stocking up huge piles of animation paper for the students taking the class later that day. The student, however, never got a good look at Novaculite, as they hurried—or should I say scurried—past them, and rushed down the hallway. Thinking it to be an odd prank, the incident didn't come to light until a week later, when the second sighting occurred. As a morning class was beginning in a first floor room, a student brought in some snacks and a student by them asked for some. Suddenly, Novaculite ran into the room and grabbed the bag and set it down on the table with a note that read “Packed with peanut butter.” Turns out, some of the snacks the student was about to eat contained peanut product. And the student who would have eaten them had a very serious allergy.

After that incident, the word got around about Novaculite, and even now people are waiting for more developments. We’ll be waiting too, so stay tuned.