One interesting mushroom by ideagirlruth

Bitter Oyster Mushrooms

What do they look like?

Bitter oyster mushrooms are tiny little fan-shaped mushrooms.These little guys are tan and fuzzy. Their stems are stubby and offset, so they can grow on the sides of things and still be upright. Their gills don’t all go to the stem directly, some pop up in the middle of the cap. There are also veins crossing the gills. The ones from eastern north America are bioluminescent. In fact, this glowing is known as foxfire in the Appalachian mountains.

Where do they grow?

All over the place! They’re found in Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and North America. They love the rotting bits of hardwood trees (oaks are their favorite), like stumps, dead branches and fallen logs.

What are they used for?

Not much, to be honest. The bioluminescent ones are grown as decoration. Purportedly they can be used to stop bleeding. They aren’t eaten, though, too tiny and bitter, and some may be poisonous. I found disagreement on how poisonous, one site said “DEADLY POISONOUS”, one said that the ones from some places cause vomiting, and other sites said nothing on the matter.

Where can I get some, and how do I grow them?

Amazon! You can order a kit containing spores and the instructions on amazon for 15$. They can be finicky to grow, because they need the right temperature and humidity conditions, so they’re easier so grow inside, in a controlled environment. They also take a while to grow. They start out as white bumps on their log, just kinda sitting there. Over the course of a few months they grow into their kidney-shaped adult selves. Once they get going, they glow dimly.