homestuck trolls by spirit

Homestuck trolls.

Homestuck is a very popular web comic that involves confusing timelines, an alien race called trolls, and a game that destroys the earth. The trolls are from a planet called Alternia, they have orange to yellow horns in different shapes, grey skin, sharp teeth, different blood colors and each troll corresponds to a zodiac sign. And each troll has what is called a lusus,  a guardian, who takes after their zodiac’s constellation.

There are 12 trolls in all, one for each zodiac sign. They each belong to different blood castes, that correlate to their social hierarchy, low bloods, mid bloods, and high bloods. In their world, your blood color determines your life, your job, how much money you have, how you’re treated, and whether you’re worthy to live.

Low bloods are the lowest of the castes. Low blood, blood colors are red, orange and yellow. The colors are more specific, but that’s the range in the caste. Low bloods are poor, and many are killed just because of their blood color, reds are lower than orange and yellow. And if you’re a red blood, you’re free to be killed. Yellow bloods are the most important of the low bloods.

Mid bloods are, obviously mid-way on the caste system, they are more important than low bloods, but not as important as high bloods. Mid blood colors range from green to blue. Mid bloods consist of most of the Alternian population, since low bloods are dying out. Jade bloods (Virgo) are the ones to create the larvae and hatch the new trolls, and give them to a lusus. Teal bloods (libra) make up the judicial system and are judges.

High bloods are the highest and richest in the caste system, and are the minority of the population, but easily the most powerful. Indigo to purple to magenta bloods make up the high blood colors. Magenta bloods (Pisces) are the rarest, and make up the royalty of Alternia. Violet bloods (Aquarius) are the right-hand men of the magenta’s.

The main troll signs of the zodiac each have a different color blood. Aries are the lowest, and have a rusty red blood, Taurus have a rusty orange blood color. Gemini have a mustard yellow blood color. Cancer have a bright red blood. This bright red blood is considered a mutation and the rarest blood color. Because all the other trolls with this blood colors were slaughtered, and if you are found out to have bright red blood, you will be executed. Leo have an olive color blood, and are the lowest in the mid blood caste. Virgo have a jade green blood. Libra are teal bloods. Scorpio are the highest of the mid bloods and have a cerulean blue blood. Sagittarius have a blue blood and are the lowest ranking in the high blood caste. Capricorn has an indigo blood. Aquarius have purple blood, and are one of two bloods who can breathe under water called “sea dwellers”. Pisces have magenta blood, and are the highest of all the blood castes and are the rulers of alternia.