Favorite places in NYC by eve

Favorite Places in NYC

  1. Mariebelle A small chocolate shop in SOHO. It is tiny yet beautifully decorated, it looks like a hole in the wall until you walk in and are greeted by fancy decor as well as delicious chocolates, each one decorated with elaborate edible paint. In the back, there is a restaurant with the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had, It’s super rich and thick and comes in really interesting flavors like hazelnut and spicy.

  2. Pearl River An Asian emporium store with everything from snacks, to clothes to home decor. It’s filled with super fun stuff and on the staircase to the downstairs there's a floor to ceiling indoor waterfall! Even if I don’t find anything to buy, it’s always fun to go there and look at all the unique appliances.

  3. Le Pain Quotidienne A French restaurant with an earthy feel, the tables and walls are made from raw wood, and the food is delicious. If you like French food I highly recommend this place, they have awesome appetizers and the environment is very appealing.

  4. Fire Island An island a ferry away from Long Island. My grandparents have a house there so I’ve been going there since I was little. It’s a small beach town where no one wears shoes or drives cars--only bikes. You’re always close to the water and there's a small town with some amazing pizza and ice cream. It is an optimal vacation spot with beautiful beaches, bays, pools and architecture.

  5. Scrap Yard A small graffiti store with super nice art (graffiti) supplies for cheap; they have super cool pins such as Tupac's face, palm trees and fancy cars, as well as cool hats and t-shirts. The people who work there are really funny and always throw me something for free.

  6. Ben's pizza The store itself is nothing special, it’s in a small, too bright, beat up room, yet the pizza they serve is probably the best I’ve ever had and the store is always full of life. Large thin, New York style pizza for a good price. And there's a big statue of the owner outside.

  7. Chinatown The Chinatown in Seattle is NOTHING compared to the one in new york. It’s huge with hundreds of road stands where you can bargain for a cheaper price. They have the most beautiful Chinese style jackets and dresses that I admire everytime I go, as well as great traditional Asian food.

  8. Canal Street A street where vendors set up their individual shops and stands. This is where you buy all the knockoff designer brands, but you can also find treasures for the lowest prices imaginable. Everywhere on Canal Street is open for price bargaining.

  9. Central Park I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but I still suggest going here. There are artists set up everywhere doing portraits and caricatures for as low as 2$. Food stands are everywhere and there are huge fountains and trees, just altogether a beautiful park in such a concrete city.

  10. Ground Zero not so much fun as it is powerful, it’s where the twin towers used to stand. They set up a huge permanent memorial. There are waterfalls in each tower base as well as the name of every deceased person written into the American flag.