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EXO Personal info

EXO is an amazing k-pop boy band. The group started with 12 members, but now has 8, due to the company that owns them is being unfair to its idols. The group was comprised of EXO-K who performs in Korean and EXO-M, performing in Mandarin, each with 6 members. The members names are Kai, DO, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Xiumin, Chen, Suho, and Sehun. The former members are Lay, Tao, Luhan, and Kris. I will tell you about them in this article. In their music video “MAMA” they each have a superpower.

Kai was part of EXO-K, and the main dancer, he’s rapped in the group as well. His birth name is Kim Jongin, he was born January 14, 1994. He is one of the Korean members, and is known as the group’s best dancer. During the EXO teasers, Kai was the first member to be revealed. He was accepted into SM entertainment in 6th grade, but he was so young that the company told him to come back in a couple years and he did. He is known for having beautiful bronze skin and constantly breaking down in laughter at anything. His power is teleportation and the animal that fans say he is like is a bear.

Sehun is the maknae (youngest member) and part of EXO-K: he is one of the main rappers and dancers of the group. His birth name is Oh Sehun and he was born April 12, 1994. He joined SM through a casting system, he was walking by his school when a representative of SM spotted him and asked him to audition. At first he didn’t know what a celebrity was supposed to do, but his interest for being a singer peaked after the first day of training. He is known for having a sharp jawline which captures the hearts of fans. Sehun has control of the wind and is like a wolf.

DO is the main vocalist of EXO-K, his amazing voice makes up for his lack of dance skill compared to the others. He was born January 12, 1993 and his birth name is Do Kyungsoo. He joined SM in 2012 after auditioning. DO is talented in ways he doesn’t show on stage. He is considered the best cook in EXO, and an amazing beat boxer. He is known for his signature “death glare” and how cute he is, but he denies it. His power is “beast power” or “earth power” but unlike the name, he is just really strong, and he is like a penguin, more specifically an angry penguin.

Baekhyun is the other main vocalist of EXO-K: he is known for his amazing voice, and was chosen to sing the South Korean anthem during the opening ceremony of the 2018 winter Olympics. He was born May 6, 1992, and is the most childlike and immature of the group. Baekhyun knows hapkido, a type of martial arts, and can play the piano as well. He wanted to be a singer since 4th grade, and told all of his friends that he would be famous someday, and he was right. Although he auditioned for many entertainment agencies, but he didn’t get in. I bet they’re all regretting that now, with how famous he’s gotten. It wasn’t until he was practicing for an audition at an arts university that an SM representative overheard him and immediately asked him to join SM entertainment. He is the group’s comedian, and makes people laugh and smile no matter where he is. He looks and acts kind of like a puppy, which is adorable, and he loves acting cute and funny for his fans. And he is known to be very close to group member Chanyeol. He has the power of light.

Chanyeol is the main rapper and part of EXO-K. His birth name is Park Chanyeol, and he was born November 27, 1992 and is the tallest in the group right now; he was previously the second tallest while Kris was in the group. He can play many instruments, including piano, drums and guitar. He and Baekhyun are very close and are the main goofballs of the group. Since he is so tall, he is very clumsy, and his long limbs don’t seem to help him when he’s dancing. He is an amazing rapper and has an amazing singing voice;I personally think he needs more singing lines in the songs.

Xiumin is a member of EXO-M and is one of the rappers, vocalists and dancers. His birth name is Kim Minseok, he is one of the Korean members of EXO-M. He can do taekwondo, kendo and fencing. He got into SM when he entered and won 2nd place in the Every Sing competition. He is the most organized and cleanest member of EXO. Although he is one of the smaller members of EXO, he is the strongest in the group. He is known for having cat-like eyes.

Chen is the main vocalist of EXO-M and the other Korean member. His birth name is Kim Jongdae. He joined SM in 2011 by a championship in singing. He has an amazing voice, especially when it comes to high notes, his high long note in EXO’s song “Drop That” is absolutely amazing.

Suho is the leader of EXO and EXO-K, as well as a member of EXO-K. His birth name is Kim Joonmyun and was born May 22, 1991. He was street casted into SM entertainment. He is known as the “mom”/”umma” of the group, and is very polite and helpful. He helps the members with choreography, and vocals.

Tao is one of the main rappers in EXO-M; his birth name is Huang Zi Tao and he is one of the Chinese members of EXO. He is very proficient in martial arts, specifically Wushu--which he has used in many music videos--and  has practiced since he was 11. . He was cast into SM Entertainment in 2011 through the Qingdao global audition. He is the youngest member of EXO-M.

Luhan is one of the main vocalists and dancers of EXO-M. His birth name is Lu Han and is another of the Chinese members of EXO. He loves soccer and is very good at completing the rubix cube. His fastest time is 30 seconds. Luhan got into SM Entertainment in 2008 while he was in Korea as a transfer student; he was shopping at a mall when an SM representative saw him. He used to be a JYP trainee, but joined SM due to exchange of trainees between the companies. He is known for having big deer-like eyes and having a very cute face, but keeps insisting that he is manly.

Kris is the main rapper and leader of EXO-M and one of the Chinese members. His birth name is Li Jiaheng, but he legally changed it to Wu Yi Fan. Kris lived in Canada for a long time and joined SM through a global audition in 2007. He knows 4 different languages: Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese and English, and is said to talk in all 4 languages in his sleep. He has had a large movie career: in 2017 he acted in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and Europe Raiders. He has also been a model, and many say that he is handsomer in person than photos. He is also the tallest in EXO.

Lay is the main dancer of EXO-M; he is one of the Chinese members of EXO. He can play guitar and piano and he was a child celebrity in china. He joined SM in 2008 in Wuhan China. He was supposed to be EXO-M’s leader but it was later changed to Kris. He is the cook of EXO-M.