EXO by spirit

EXO is by far my favorite k-pop boy band, having multiple albums and millions of fans worldwide. EXO was chosen to sing during the closing ceremony for the 2018 winter Olympics. The group made their debut on April 8th, 2012, as two groups: EXO-K, who sang in Korean, and EXO-M who sang in Mandarin. Each group had 6 members, and in total had 12 members. Sadly, over the years members have left the group due to lawsuits filed against their company SM entertainment. Now the group is down to 8 members, and  called EXO-L, as well as their fans. Out of the original 12 members 4 were Chinese and 8 (the remaining members) are Korean. The group has traveled all around the world for their tours, been on many tv shows, had their own 12 episode show, as well as recently accompanied the south Korean president to visit the Chinese president.

During their debut, the music video MAMA featured both groups, and each boy with their own unique super power. Before they debuted, they released two predebut singles, “What is Love”, and “History”. They have had many hit songs. My favorite songs of theirs are: “Universe”, “The Eve”, “Monster”, “El Dorado”, “Playboy”, “Growl”, “Wolf”, “Baby don’t cry”, “Let out the beast”, “Miracles in December”, Sing for you”, “For Life”, “Two moons”, and “Drop that”. I will go over EXO’s songs in another article.

All of the members are extremely hot and ranked in the top 30 of the 100 hottest K-pop male stars. I will tell you about all 12 of these beautiful men in detail in another article. The group consists of Kai, Sehun, DO, Baekhyun, Suho, Chanyeol, Tao, Luhan, Kris, Chen, Lay, and Xiumin. Each boy has their own “role” in the group; there’s the leader, lead singer, lead dancer, lead rapper and visuals. Suho and Kris are the leaders of the group, Suho is the leader of both EXO and EXO-K, Kris is the leader for EXO-M--Lay was close to being leader of EXO-M but Kris was decided as leader. DO and Baekhyun are the lead singers of EXO-K, Luhan and Chen are for EXO-M. All of these men have amazing voices, Chen has the record of highest and lowest notes in what is called “the vocal line”. Kai and Sehun are the lead dancers for EXO-K, and Lay is for EXO-M. Chanyeol and Sehun are the lead rappers for EXO-K, but Kai raps as well, while Kris and Tao rapfor EXO-M and Xiumin raps too, but not as much as Tao. There is no one specific visual for the group, as all of them are jaw-droopingly beautiful, although some are more known for their looks than others--especially Kris--who is said by many to look hotter in person than pictures.

Each of the boys are very talented as well, not always in ways they show onstage. Tao is very skilled in martial arts, as well as Xiumin and Baekhyun, but Tao won’t miss an opportunity to show off. Chanyeol and Lay can play multiple instruments; Luhan is able to solve a rubix cube in less than 2 minutes. Kris knows four languages, and is said to talk in all four in his sleep. And Chen is the group’s master when it comes to note range. But Xiumin holds the record for highest note, as proven on I, which they appeared twice on. Many of them have acted in movies and tv shows, especially DO; some of them have even performed in musicals, like Suho and Baekhyun.

They have released many beautiful music videos, showing off their wonderful choreography in almost all of them. The group is very well known for their amazing choreography, and being near flawless when performing. And I know from experience how difficult it is to sing correctly while walking, so to sing while dancing is amazing. Their choreography has been danced by many on YouTube, and many other idols. The choreography is catchy and you can’t help but dance along.

They have an amazing attitude with fans, talking to them about mental health and wishing them to feel better, and that all of EXO supports them. As well, they post on their social media to clear up conversations and apologize for what they accidently said. They love to play with toys thrown onstage and throw toys into the crowd. It’s adorable to see them acting so goofy and cute on stage.