drumming interview by peter

Not a Drummer [12:59 PM]

So, can you remember when you started drumming or was it pre-memory?

Drummer [1:01 PM]

I was in 3rd grade, and my mom found a drum teacher, and I started drumming with him.

Not a Drummer [1:03 PM]

before that where you a kid who made percussion sounds a lot? with your body, voice, or other objects?

Drummer [1:04 PM]

I honestly don't remember

Not a Drummer [1:05 PM]

how was that first teacher? was it a class or one-on-one?

Drummer [1:05 PM]

It was one-on-one, and he was my drum teacher until he moved to LA last August.

Not a Drummer [1:06 PM]

arrgh! that's a really long time to work with someone and then lose them as a teacher. are you still in contact?

Drummer [1:07 PM]

Not very much, but sometimes we'll text.

Not a Drummer [1:08 PM]

have you found a new instructor?

Drummer [1:08 PM]

Yeah, I have two teachers now, one of them is at school of rock and the other is a private teacher

Not a Drummer [1:09 PM]

what do you think of school of rock?

Drummer [1:10 PM]

It's kind of hit or miss, all the teachers are very different, and don't really work so well for me but the guy I've got is a really good fit for me

Not a Drummer [1:11 PM]

what makes him that... a good fit?

(in other words, i don't know the first thing about learning to drum, so what might a person want in a teacher?)

Drummer [1:15 PM]

well, I think if he was my first teacher, it would not work so well, but he's just a fun guy to hang out with, and we probably do more talking than playing. I really can't say what makes a teacher good, because it differs from person to person and throughout your drumming career

Not a Drummer [1:16 PM]

but what about for you specifically at this point?

it sounds like camaraderie is a good element to have, perhaps it keeps you motivated?


Drummer [1:18 PM]

Yeah, for sure. My other teacher is who I work on more complex parts, and focus on small details with.