carving by eve


I was on a backpacking trip two years back, and at the beginning of it, I had a plastic spoon I had brought with me for eating. But nearly one week into the trip, it snapped in half, leaving me with only two options, I could either eat with a woodchip or make myself a spoon. I started carving it from a block of Juniper tree I found on the ground. I sketched out the shape and after I was done with the basic shape, I sand papered the surface to be even and smooth(although by now it’s pretty beat up).I made a few more spoons and got a little fancier, but I only have two left since I lost  and gave away about 7.

After that I made heart and teardrop shaped pendants, which I soaked in soy sauce and sriracha to darken  (we had limited resources).

Carving and whittling are fun and useful skills to have, if you become good, then all you need is a knife and you can make almost anything from fallen branches . Since my camping trip, I haven’t done any other carving but I want to try and do it again and learn to make more detailed sculptures and figures.

Some things to remember about carving correctly and safely:

  • wear thick gloves to keep your hand safe

  • carve in the same direction as the wood grain

  • carve with your knife aimed down towards the floor

  • make sure that the blade you are using is very sharp

If you decide to give it a go, some ideas for what to carve are:, spoons and other utensils, flowers, a letter, animals, and abstract swirls. Have fun!