bears by casey sage


This article is about three common bears: grizzly, black bear, and polar bear. Each bear will feature a little bit of information along with a picture. At the end of the article, I will include a section about how bears connect to indigenous peoples of the northwest’s art.

Black Bear-

Black bears are pretty common in the pacific northwest because of all the forests. They enjoy the cool grass, streams, and the many trees we have here so it makes the perfect environment. They are great at roaming large areas of land, and climbing trees. Being able to climb trees helps them access food such as grasses, leaves, fruits, and berries. In addition, they do also hunt for small animals or fish when they are able too. Compared to the grizzly bear, the black bear is a lot less scary because they are smaller!

Grizzly Bear-

The grizzly bear is one of the largest bears besides the massive polar bear. They are easily recognizable by the hump on their back and their brown shaggy fur. They have large paws with long claws in order to be able to dig and build dens to raise cubs inside of. Grizzly bears tend to like cooler weather such as Canada’s because there are many trees and streams for them to catch prey, as well as it is colder. Grizzlies eat a variety of food, but often will catch fish like salmon or they will eat roots or berries.

Polar Bear-

Polar Bears are the only bear able to live in the cold weather of the arctic. They have a layer of super thick fat that protects them from getting cold, and they are able to stay warm that way. They are very good swimmers, so they are able to catch seals and other creatures in order to survive. Did you know that a polar bear actually is all black underneath their fur? It’s true!

Connection to Native Art

The bear, according to a Native American Art gallery called “Spirits of the West Coast”, claim that the bear is a sign for many things, some of them being:strength, family, and courage. It can represent these by not only its physical aspects but also the inner traits such as how mother bears are incredibly protective over family, even willing to die protecting their cubs. Bears are often featured in Native American art because of these traits that they possess in certain ways. According to the gallery, the bear is very highly respected in  Pacific Northwest Native American Tribes.



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