A few reasons why I love Nova by caseysage

One thing that I really love about this school is the community it provides. At Nova, we have such an open community. Coming here, I knew a very select few people and now, at only a semester in, I am greeted by so many familiar faces and it is just one of the best feelings. On a daily basis, I get to talk to so many different people here all with different life stories and to me that is just such a lucky thing to get to do. Each person here has a space for them and it is such a welcoming place. I have never felt so lucky to go to school every day. There are groups of course, but they are usually pretty open and friends with other people as well.

A second reason why I truly love being here at Nova is that we have pets here. I love that our teachers bring their pets to the school instead of leaving them at home. It brings many smiles to people’s faces when they see Mo so early in the morning, prancing down the hallways, or Shelly hanging out in a classroom or out in the farm. For me, during an extremely stressful day, petting Mo or Ally is pretty therapeutic and helps calm me down so I don’t do something I might regret later on. It is truly something that makes Nova so unique and special as a school.

Why do so many people choose to go to Nova? The freedom that is provided and given here. If we are sick, we can call in ourselves instead of a parent. It shows the level of trust and respect we have here to be a responsible student  and not be treated as a child. Our teachers truly realize that students should be in control of their learning. It is a pretty eye-opening experience when you realize that your education is in your own hands and nobody else's. I am able to choose as many classes as I’d like to take and leave when I want, because the choice is up to me about how hard I’d like to work. After all, it is my education.

So, not only are the community and pets great, but of course, who we are learning from is important. Our teachers here are pretty incredible. You can tell that they really care about the students and that they want the absolute best for us. They work to make our lives here more simplified and easier to manage under all the stress of being a teenager, so we are able to achieve the goals we desire. There have been times where I went to my coordinator during a tough situation and she was there for me, helping me out so that I could get through it in a safe and constructive way. I haven’t felt as supported in any other school.

Lastly, I really enjoy the classes here. I think that of all schools I’ve seen, Nova has some of the most interesting classes to offer. Certain classes such as Algebra and pottery are common that we offer, but we have some unique classes such as: century cycle, jewelry, makers LA, and farm. I think that the variation of the classes are just so great because there is something for everyone here. I get to choose my own schedule and fill it up with some amazing classes, and that is a great opportunity for me.

Down below, I have added what some students say about Nova:

“I love Nova because it’s very friendly and I feel very welcome.”

“I like Nova because it is a place where you can feel safe, regardless of your gender, religion etcetera.”