Welcome to the Fine Arts page for Blackstone Primary School!  Our students are very busy learning and creating in our Art classroom.

Recycled water bottle project inspired by artist Dale Chihuly
Re-purposed water bottle project inspired by glass artist Dale Chihuly.

This collaborative project was completed by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders.  

Students colored MANY, MANY water bottles with colorful permanent markers.  Then, using scissors, we cut the bottle bottoms off and cut the rest of the bottles into spirals - long spirals, double spirals, and even triple spirals.  We left the bottle mouths attached for gluing purposes.  

After cutting the spirals, we began to hot glue them to a large cardboard tube discarded from the school laminating machine (many thanks to our school librarian for saving them for us!).  We started at the bottom of the tube and worked the spirals upward, creating a rainbow pattern with the colors.

When we reached the top of the bottle sculpture, we glued spiral pieces into the top of the tube to protrude upward and outward until the opening was covered completely.