Nottingham Wider Horizons 
After School Enrichment Program

     Why Do Kids Need After School Programs?

Kids need an outlet after school, whether that involves sports, arts and crafts, or other childhood activities. That's why children's after school programs are so important. These programs provide a way to release some energy, do some extra learning through fun hands-on activities, and get involved in the community. Activities, especially outdoor ones, get kids active and healthy, aiding  in their learning and development, not to mention improving their social skills.


Popular choices have included running, gardening and ski clubs, as well as language class, drama, cooking, and movers and shakers. 


The Nottingham Wider Horizons Enrichment Program offers programs to students in grades 1 through 8 and  are based on the interests of our students, parents and our teachers.


Most of our enrichment classes are scheduled in six-week sessions, Monday through Friday and they begin at 2:30 PM and end at 4:00 PM. Classes vary in content throughout the year.


Our after school programs are brought to the students of the Nottingham School by the many parent and teacher volunteers who have offered their time and talent to help enrich a child’s life. 


Course offerings require a small fee to cover the cost of materials, or other related expenses and some of our off site programs include transportation. 


If you are interested in volunteering your time for a program, please visit our volunteer page for more information or contact us at widerhorizons@nottingham.k12.nh.us.