October 18, 2018
This website is updated every school day. Please insure your child is reading the assigned pages and answering the questions on the pages in their book. This will help facilitate the learning in the class and lab for a great year. The students will have a science notebook check every two weeks. This notebook check is to insure students are writing the warm-up questions and answers as some of the questions can be found on their tests and quizzes. It is just another tool to prepare them for those tests and quizzes. The science project is due now! Science project is worth 20% of grade. 


All homework assignments are due the next school day or when specified. Science Project is due Now!

8th gradeRead and complete pages 64 - 65.

7th gradeReview & Reinforce worksheet and online Lesson 3.

6th gradeReview & Reinforce worksheet and online Lesson 1.

5th gradeRead and complete pages 70 - 72.

Quizzes and Tests

These dates are subject to change as needed for student success (pushed to a later date). 

8th grade: Chapter 2 Lesson 4 Quiz is Oct. 24

7th grade: Chapter 2 Lesson 3 Quiz is Oct. 19

6th grade: Chapter 2 Lesson 1 Quiz is Oct. 19

5th grade: Chapter 2 Test is Oct. 23

Please study the lesson and notes!