March 22, 2019
This website is updated every school day. For the last grading period, group or individual science project titles are due Monday, March 25.


All homework assignments are due the next school day or when specified. 

8th gradeRead and complete pages 185 - 186.

7th gradeRead and complete pages 185 - 187.

6th grade: Chapter 5 Review sheet and page 173.

5th grade: Read and complete page 223. 

Quizzes and Tests

These dates are subject to change as needed for student success (moved to a later date). 

8th grade: Chapter 6 Lesson 1 Quiz is Mar. 29

7th grade: Chapter 5 Lesson 3 Quiz is Mar. 27

6th grade: Chapter 5 Test is Mar. 25 

5th grade: Chapter 6 Lesson 2 Quiz is Mar. 26

Please study the lesson and notes!