April 8 - April 17

We have been learning all about bees these first two weeks of April. We pretended to be bees and collected "pollen" from the flowers and placed it in the cells of our "beehive". We also talked about the different bees and their jobs in the hive. We learned that the queen bee is in charge, the worker bees collect the pollen and nectar from the flowers and the drone bees protect the hive. We also talked about the letter Kk and learned a few words that begin with the letter Kk.

The last two weeks of April we will focus on butterflies. We will learn what the word metamorphosis means and discuss how a butterfly goes from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and then turns into a butterfly. We will also get to see real caterpillars go through the metamorphosis process, and talk about different types of butterflies. The letters Mm and Xx will also be introduced these last two weeks.


The homework packets are being sent home this week Monday, please return your child's completed homework packet by Friday. I WILL NOT BE SENDING THE HOMEWORK PACKETS HOME THE WEEK OF APRIL 15TH BECAUSE OF THE SHORT WEEK.


If you have not done so already, please send in your child's signed report card.


If you have not done so already, please return your child's signed permission slip for our field trip to the St. Louis Zoo.


We are planning on having our class Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday, April 17th. I am asking that each child send in a dozen filled plastic eggs to use for our hunt. Please send in your child's eggs no later than Monday, April 15th.