Welcome To 3rd Grade

March 7-15, 2019


We are finishing The Chocolate Touch this week. The final test will be on Tuesday, March 12. Then we will be back to the regular text book.

Skills: author's purpose

English: irregular verbs (Test on Friday, March 8)

Vocabulary :Test over the book vocabulary will be on Tuesday , March 12.

Spelling: We will do a quick unit.

Math: Chapter 7: multiplication and division (Test on Monday, March 11)

We are doing multiplication fact tests now. They get 3 minutes to do 50 problems. It would be a good idea to get some flash cards and practice at home.

PI Day is March 14. We will be doing some fun activities for this mathematical holiday.

Religion: Chapter 15: the sacraments We are finishing our slide presentations on the Sacraments. A copy of your child's work will be emailed to you.

Science: Chapter 4: Plants (Test on Tuesday, March 12)

Social Studies: Chapter 4: US Government I have broken down the chapter into sections. Their 3 Branches of Governement posters are due on Monday, March 11.

There will be an open book quiz on lesson 3. I encourage students to still study their notes so they can find their answers easily and quickly. There will be a 30 minute time limit on this quiz.