Welcome To 3rd Grade

Week of October 15, 2018

Reading: This week we will be working on the following skills:

          • folktales
          • making predictions
          • theme (the author's message)
          • antonyms
          • long I (i, ie, igh, i_e, y) and long u (u, u_e, ew) words

Our test is on Thursday (part I and vocabulary) and Friday (part II).

English: Nouns (common, proper, concrete, absolute)

Vocabulary : unit 5 The test will be on Friday, October 19.

Spelling: Long I and U words (test on October 18)

Math: Chapter 2: addition The test will be on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Religion: Chapter 5: We learn about the Early Church

The test will be on Wednesday, Oct. 17. The chapter review is due on Monday, October 15.

Science: chapter 10: Forces and Motion

A chapter review was sent home and it is due on Tuesday, October 16.

The test will be on Thursday, October 18.

Social Studies: chapter 2: Our Environment

A review guide will come home on Thursday and due on Friday.