Final Words from 2nd Grade


It’s hard to believe that another year of school has passed; it seems that a short time ago we meet for parent orientation!

I am proud of the progress your children have made this year.  I will enjoy watching them reach out for challenges in the future.  I will most definitely miss this class very much. They were smart, hardworking students!

Spend some shared times that are creative, not expensive, and have fun.  Please don’t allow your child to hang up their work practices when they hang up their backpacks on the last day. 

Have a fun and safe summer!

My best to all of you,

Mrs. Scannell


Please have your child practice and review their addition and subtraction facts for third grade.  If your child is enthusiastic, they may go ahead and start learning their multiplication facts as well; get a jump start and be ready for third grade!!!  Won’t we look smart! 
As we all know it is better to keep reviewing over the summer, so it’s an easier adjustment in August.

Here are a few computer sites for your child to utilize over vacation:  coolmath, abcya, funbrain, aplusmath, jmathpage, and mrmussbaum, to name a few!

I also encourage your child to read every day.  Reading can be shared either by someone reading the story or an independent reading of a book.  There will be many times to pick up a book and read for pleasure, or when you hear the phrase, “I’m bored” would be a great time to cozy up with a good book.

Have a great safe and 

wonderful summer!

It won't be but a blink 

of an eye and it will be 

back to school in

no time!!!