Mrs. Chancy    

 Your PRE-K children are at a very special age .  Their world is expanding, they want to learn, 
and they are curious, cooperative and eager to please!

With nine months down...
April 2018
Still having fun!


A huge
THANK YOU! to all of the parents who accompanied Preschool - Kindergarten on our field trip to the St. Louis Science Center.


Since April is quickly passing, please remember to send in items for our Hygiene Collection Drive to be donated to the St. Augustine Food Pantry to be given out to those in need.  Items needed include full-size or travel size personal care items such as hair care products, deodorant, shaving cream, oral care and hygiene, lotion, lip balm, tissue and toilet paper or any such items.  If you would like to help, please send items to school with your child from now through Monday, April 30.  Thank you in advance for your caring and generosity.
        Since we returned from Easter break, we have gotten back into the swing of academics and hand on fun in our learning centers.  Most of the kids have finished the Handwriting workbook but that doesn't mean we are finished for the year.  We are still doing practice worksheets with tracing and printing both letters and numbers.  I have really been reminding them daily to SLOW DOWN, TAKE THEIR TIME, and DO NEAT WORK!  These are good work habits I am emphasizing prior to Kindergarten and it will give them a head start for next year.  When you look at the work I send home, please talk to your child about the importance of doing neat work!  I have been having them redo some of the worksheets if they are in too big of a hurry.  Since they are all doing so well, they are hurrying because they have figured out they think they have more play time. (Smart kids!) If they have to redo a paper, I ask them if they know why.  Each one knows that too.  ("Because I scribbled." or "It's not neat!")  They must think I am new at this. (ha! ha!)  I love them dearly.

        We have been working on addresses and phone numbers.  Please review your address and the phone number you want your child to learn.  All know their addresses with very little prompting.  Those whose phone numbers have an area code other than 618, still need a little more practice.  They will get  certificates as soon as they know each without any prompts from me.  We are also, practicing rote counting from 1-50 and 1-100.  Number 39 seems to be the stumbling point - they have trouble remembering that 40 comes next.  Please have them count when riding in the car or in between activities, even when they complain that there is nothing to do or play. 

        We are continuing to work on our religion lessons, too.  We have been discussing how the Easter season is a time of new life.  I am trying to tie it in with Spring time but our weather hasn't been cooperating.  If you hear them talk about the weather roller coaster, we talk about how the temperature has been changing up and down, from sunny to cloudy and back again, and the rainy weather. (April showers bring May flowers!) We have also been talking about many baby animals being born in the Spring, the grass turning green again and other signs of Spring - planting flowers and gardens.

        I have also begun working on Nursery Rhymes and using these as the introduction to 3 scene and 4 scene sequencing activities.  They also need to say the nursery rhymes with me, then I point out the rhyming words.  Also, after they do a sequencing activity either cut and paste or with my sequencing scene cards, they need to retell the story in their own words by looking at the ordered pictures.  Most are beginning to understand the idea of putting the pictures in a certain order, but they know I will help them if they don't understand it and we then practice one picture at a time.  The 3 scene are easy for them since there is only beginning, middle, and end.  The 4-part have that extra step and they really have to discriminate in more detail to get the correct order.  We will continue working on this.

    We will also begin sorting and classifying by different traits.  Again sorting by color and shape are the easiest but classifying will be a little harder.  Most of the classifying will be things that they are familiar with (toys, transportation, animals, etc.).  This is also a concept that is on the 4th quarter progress report.

Since Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd, we will be working on a week-long unit about our Earth as a planet and the different things we can do to help our planet.  Mrs. Hobbs will be doing a classroom observation and I told them she will be watching me to help keep them on track.

In May, we will be having field day at the St. Augustine campus.  The kids will be on the same teams as their 7th grade buddies.  I will send out more detailed information once May arrives.  I will let you know your child's team color for field day so you know the color shirt your child can wear that day.

Our carnival was a big success!  The kids had a fun morning and were very surprised that it was time to be dismissed as soon as we returned to our classroom.  Thank you for sending their spending money.

Please watch for more updates to follow.

Please return your child's Progress Report as soon as possible!  

April 4 - Faculty Meeting - Early Dismissal 1:45 p.m.

             PANDA Meeting 7:00 p.m.  Child Care provided

April 14 - Dinner Auction

April 19 - Preschool - Kgt. - Field Trip to St. Louis Science Center

April 20 - Teacher In-service Early Dismissal 11:00 a.m. - Students attending the After School Program need to bring a cold lunch.

               Carnival - 9:30 - 10:30 a.m. (gym)

April 22 - Earth Day

May 2 - Faculty Meeting - Early Dismissal 1:45 p.m. 

            PANDA Meeting 7:00 p.m. Child Care provided

May 4 - Uniform Fitting - 2:30 p.m.

May 5 - Cinco de Mayo

May 10 - Spring Concert 6:30 p.m. McCormick Center

May 11 - Field Day - St. Augustine Campus

May 16 - School Picnic - Althoff

May 16 - 8th Grade Graduation

May 18 - Last Day of School - Dismissal at 11:00 a.m. (If no snow days are used) 


Mrs. Chancy


                                 IMPORTANT  REMINDERS

                              Please remember to check your child's folder every day! 

I will send home your child's work that is not displayed and any other correspondence from me or the school office. 

Children's work:  Please take a look at your child's work.  They will be working on fine motor skills, following directions, left to right progression and developing their attention spans.  You will see the progression throughout the year from simple to more difficult and complex concepts.

Change of clothes:  If you have not done so yet, please send a complete change of clothes in a labeled Zip-lock bag to be kept in your child's locker in case of an accident, spills, or should a situation arise for a change of clothing.   Also, if your child has an accident or spills something on his/her clothes, please remember to send in a replacement set so that there is always a change of clothes in your child's locker.

Blankets & Pillows:  Blankets and pillows will be sent home your child's last scheduled day of the month. 
Child's Absence &/or Late Arrival/Early Departure:  Please inform Mrs. McNease, our administrative assistanet, in the school office if your child will not be in attendance or will be arriving late to school.  Also, let her know if your child will bring a lunch or the hot lunch menu choice.  You may also e-mail, call, or text me as well.