Student Leaders for wheel




Ne’epapa 7 Student Leader: ________________________________ Date: _________________


Dear Parents and Guardians,

            Your child was chosen to be one of the Student Leaders for our Wheel Education classes.  Student Leaders are chosen because of their positive attitude, leadership qualities, and the eagerness to improving themselves through the skills learned in class and their attentiveness to living a healthy life.



            Because your child has been chosen, it is important that he/she uphold his/her self consistently throughout the year.  Hopefully student leaders will carry this on beyond middle school and throughout their lives.  They are expected to behave properly in school with no referrals and uphold a G.P.A of 2.0 or higher throughout the year.  Your child should exemplify the values of a Student Leader not only in school, but also in the community and at home.


Duties and Responsibilities…..

·         Attend class on time.

·         Assist Wheel teachers with lesson.

·         Assist classmates with lesson.

·         Plan for mass conditioning activities.

·         Attend service learning projects during intercession breaks.

Individual Goals set by Core Teachers…..




Due Process……

            Everyone makes mistakes, including Student leaders.  Therefore, we will give your child three opportunities for correction of academic and behavior concerns.


-Opportunity One: 

·         Conference with your Wheel teacher to create a plan of action.

·         Documented “think” sheet.

·         Learn from mistake/set goals to improve academically.

-Opportunity two: 

·         Conference with core teachers.

·         Documented think sheet.

·         Inform parents/set goals to improve academically.

-Opportunity three:

·         Inform Parents.

·         Relinquish Student Leader title.

Individual goals set by the Wheel/core teacher may be modified or changed to encourage the leadership growth of the Student Leader.  All duties, responsibilities, and individual goals will be carried on by the Student Leader to the best of their abilities.  This contract has been discussed and agreed upon by the Student leader and Wheel teacher.


Ne’epapa 7 Student Leader Signature _______________________________  Date __________

I have read and understood the Ne’epapa 7 Student Leader contract.

Parent Signature _______________________________  Date ___________________