Founded in 1999, Norwell Robotics started out with only twelve students, but has since grown to a bustling team of over fifty hardworking and dedicated members. Our team has a variety of positions managing a series of concurrent activities, including programming, fundraising, electrical work, mechanical work, administration, design, and scouting. Norwell works together to create a team in which anyone can become a member and find something that they enjoy doing.

The following is a record of past competitions we have taken part in. The year, game title, game piece, and location, as well as any awards gained are listed below.

 Year Game   Game Piece Event  Award 
2015 Recycle Rush  Tote  District Playoff DE, MA   
2015 Recycle Rush  Tote  Northeastern DE, MA  
2015  Recycle Rush  Tote  PineTree DE, ME Motorola quality Award
2015  Recycle Rush  Tote   South Florida, FL Regional Finalist 
2014 Aerial Assist Exercise Ball UNH DE, NH   
2014 Aerial Assist Exercise Ball South Florida, FL  Regional Finalist  
2014 Aerial Assist Exercise Ball Rhode Island DE, RI J&J gracious professionalism award 
2013 Ultimate Ascent Frisbee  PineTree DE, ME   
2012 Rebound Rumble  Nerf Basketball  WPI, MA   
2012 Rebound Rumble  Nerf Basketball  South Florida, FL    
2011 Logo Motion  Pool Toy  Boston, MA Autodesk Excellence in Design award, Deans list finalist 
2011 Logo Motion  Pool Toy  Bayou, LA   
2010 Breakaway Soccer Ball  WPI, MA   
2010 Breakaway Soccer Ball  Championship, AL  
2009  Lunacy  Orbit Ball  Boston, MA   
2009  Lunacy   Orbit Ball  Bayou, LA  
2008 Overdrive Exercise Ball  New York, NY Regional finalist Woodie Flowers finalist award 
2008 Overdrive  Exercise Ball Central Florida, FL  
2008 Overdrive Exercise Ball Championship, AL Curie Division Winner, Einstein Finalist
2007  Rack n' Roll Pool Toy  Championship, AL  
2007  Rack n' Roll  Pool Toy Boston, MA   
2007 Rack n' Roll Pool Toy Bayou, LA  
2006 Aim High Poof ball  Championship, AL   
2006 Aim High Poof ball New York, NY  Motorola Quality Award 
2005 Triple Play PVC Tetra     
2004 First Frenzy Playground ball    
2003  Stack Attack Tote   Leadership in Controls Award
2002  Zone Zeal Soccer Ball     
2001  Diabolical Dynamics Exercise Ball

2000 Co-Opertition FIRST Playground ball