Founded in 1999, Norwell Robotics started out with only twelve students, but has since grown to a bustling team of over forty hardworking and dedicated members. Our team has a variety of positions and activities occurring at once, including programming, fundraising, electrical work, mechanical work, business, animation, and spirit. Norwell works together to create a team in which anyone can become a member and find something that they enjoy doing. 

    The Norwell Robotics team has been known to always take anybody that wants to join. It makes no difference if someone has been taking apart computers and assembling them since the age of five or just found out what a robot was the day before. Norwell Robotics has even opened it’s doors to students from surrounding towns that do not have a robotics team in their community. In the past, students from Scituate, Marshfield, Hanover, and Abington have all been active members of the Norwell Robotics team. On Norwell Robotics, there’s always a place for everybody and the team will help anyone become an active member and participate fully in the program. 

    Throughout the years we have had many important accomplishments, including being a two-time NYC Regional Finalist, winning the Curie Division at Championships, and becoming a Championship Finalist. Not to mention, the Norwell Robotics team has won several awards, including Leadership in Controls, Motorola Quality, and the Excellence in Design Award sponsored by Autodesk. In addition, individual members on the team have won regional awards such as the Woodie Flowers Award and Dean’s List. Although the team is very proud of all of this and plan on continuing to achieve great things and win awards, none of the awards are as important as the experience of being on Norwell Robotics itself. Through Norwell Robotics, students have a life changing experience: On one hand gaining self-esteem, friends, and skills in STEM fields, and on the other hand learning important skills, like teamwork and perseverance.