Sixth West Homework Hotline

Mr. Jonathan Lake
House Leader
English/Language Arts
Mr. Tim Hefferan
Ms. Christine Hurley
Science & Social Studies 
Ms. Dawnett Warburton 


Important Information

 Mr. Hefferan


 Every day:
Check google classroom - AFTER 3:30 pm - to see if we have HW.  It will be the top post in the stream, you will see it immediately.  
Thank you.....

PARENTS - I post HW in Google Classroom, please ask your child to show them the post, in the event you want to check up.....

Ms. Hurley 
Science and Social Studies
DUE 4/31: Greco Persian Wars Essay 

DUE 4/3 (Monday): Greek Mythology Project Due 
  • BETA AND DELTA WILL BE BRINGING IN their props on Monday to class 
  • Alpha and remote student be prepared to present on Monday 
 Mr. Lake


Tuesday, April 27th  Reread the "Summer of Fire" and answer questions 9 and 10
Wednesday April 28th- Continue working on your Naturals resources Writing prompt
Thursday, April 29th- Your introduction, three bodies, and conclusion needs to be completed by Friday morning