Seventh West Homework Hotline

Mr. Frank Kryusik  Social
Ms. Cristina Zangaglia
English Language
Mrs. Katie Pierrot
Mr. John SkoppScience
Mrs. Dawnett Warburton
Resource Teacher

Mr. Kryusik

Social Studies            
Quick map quiz on 9/17.  Identify 7 continents ,4 oceans,equator,prime meridian,north and south poles on a blank map.  Study the map we completed in class today!

Students complete review of cardinal directions by completing using directions worksheet. due 9/5
Students write a short paragraph explaining the most important thing they learned from the 9/11 lesson.  Due 9/13 due to nwea testing.
 Mr. Skopp

Due 9/12/19
Choose one substance you need to learn more about from the worksheet that we completed today about energy drinks and cranberry juice.  Write down some information that you found out about the substance in your science notebook.

Google Classroom Access codes:

701 - w64qqdx

702 - bjxa9s

703 - scwgimq

Long Term:
Current Event Report Due 9-26-19

Mrs. Pierrot

Ms. Zangaglia

 Language Arts  
Homework each week will be reading a minimum of 90 minutes in your independent reading book. Please complete the front and back page of the reading log and submit on Fridays. 

Friday 9/13/19- Students can memorize the "Parts of Speech Poem" to earn an extra 10 points on their assignment of choice 90% or lower. 

 Important Dates