Seventh West Homework Hotline

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Mr. Frank Kryusik  Social
Mrs. Tritty Kelly
West House Leader
English Language
Mrs. Katie Pierrot
Mr. John SkoppScience
Mrs. Dawnett Warburton
Resource Teacher

Mr. Kryusik

Social Studies                 
 Create a DAG-Yo or Dog-yo for any of the 4 terms discussed in class today(3 maps and elevation). 
D.A..-Yo= Define(Define the term(in this case map type or the word elevation), Then give an analogy for that term.  You can simply tell me what you think about when you say the term or what it makes you think of when you say it. Lastly G.Yo= Graphics( Draw the term you defined).  A Dog -Yo would simply substitute a one word opposite for the term chosen.
The 4 possible terms are: Political Map, Physical Map, Special Purpose Map or the word Elevation.  Due Sept. 14th or the next time we meet.
Students will write a few sentences explaining how a person's elevation affects their lives OR create a D.A.G.-Yo or a D.O.G.-Yo for the word elevation. See previous homework assignment for how to create a dag-yo or Dog-Yo. Due 9/18
 Mr. Skopp


Finish comparison of food labels (worksheet)
Google Classroom     due 9-24-18           

Science Current Event Report Due 9-28-18

 Mrs. Pierrot

Monday, September 17
Algebra: Solving Equations Worksheet with Check
Common Core: page 22: # 1 - 8 and 10

Tuesday, September 11
Algebra: None - Yom Kippur
Common Core: page 10: # 1 - 6 and 10 - OPTIONAL 
Yom Kippur

No school on Wednesday

Thursday, September 13
Algebra: Finish One, None or No Solution Worksheet
Common Core: Puzzle Time 1.3

Friday, September 14
Enjoy the weekend!

UPCOMING EVENTS: Wednesday Open House
Algebra Quiz next week, Common Core Quiz next week
Mrs. Kelly

 Language Arts  
Reading log is due the first day of every week. Read 60 minutes and fill in the log and get it signed.

Discuss your non-fiction narrative with people at home!

King Arthur webquest

Gifted and Talented Homework

The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman - read pgs 84-119, use sticky notes to drive the conversation on Monday

Reading log due the first day of every week. 60 min/week in Sept.
Ms. Leon


(East, West and Central students check here!)
 Study for quiz Friday 9/14/18
 Important DatesOpen House Wednesday, September 26, 6:30-9:00
Picture Day Friday, September 28