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Ms. Jessica RadeckiEnglish Language

Mr. Luis Natal Math

Mr. John SkoppScience

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 Class Assignments
Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies            

Students read packet info in groups and answer 12 questions and 2 bonus questions about the physical geography of Latin America. Due 4/6 in class. All work is in GoogleClassroom. Students complete poiticalmap of Latin america by finding 12 countries on that map which they will need to find on the post test map next class. I have suggested they go in and correct the political map part of the pre test they took using the challenge 2 work done today.Due today 3/29
Students complete day 1 task on practice map for Geography of Latin America. They were to find 6 countries and label them on the practice map in google cassroom. (Find the assignment in google classroom and do Day 1 only!) Label the 6 countries in blue. Look them up! Due 3/23 or for hw due next class. 
Students place 6 more countries on their practice map that they will need to know on their post test to be given in 2 weeks.Make sure you label in Kami and use the correct color for Day 1 and 2. Due 3/25. 
 Students read in Age of Exploration Reading Packet Sections 2 and 3 and complete activities(Drawing) and answering questions for section 2 and 3 of student interactive notebook. To be done in class unless absent. 2/22/21.Students read Age of Exploration reading packet section 4 and complete map routes and answer guiding questions. Scores will be posted in comments in Google Classroom assignment and powerschool.Due 2/24. Students read Section 5(Part 5) in their Age of Exploration on line and complete section 5 in student interactive notebook on line. Due Friday 2/26.
 Mr. Skopp


Current Event Report Due 10/5/20

Check google classroom for assignments that need to be completed.

Parents - please email me for an invite to your child's google classroom
Mrs. Natal

Blocks 1 and 3 -Check google classroom for an assignment titled "homework"- it was released around 2:40

Block 4 -Check google classroom for an assignment titled "homework"- it was released around 2:40

Ms. Radecki

 Language Arts

Week of 3/1

Block 1, & 4- Any classwork that is not finished in class must be completed for homework

Block 3- Prepare for Socratic Seminar Thursday/Friday.

All- Please check PowerSchool! If you have questions about your grades or notice something is missing, contact me ASAP!