Seventh West Homework Hotline

Mr. Frank Kryusik  Social
Ms. Cristina Zangaglia
English Language
Mrs. Katie Pierrot
Mr. John SkoppScience
Mrs. Dawnett Warburton
Resource Teacher

Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies            
  Final Project - The World's Fair Project done in groups or solo has begun and is due June 5th. Details are on google classroom.
Students areexpected to 1. Sign in to Mr. K's class every time they have SS and then they will be able to join the zoom class where they can ask questions and work with others. I  have begun commenting on work as we proceed so be sure to log in, K.
 Mr. Skopp

Distance Learning Assignments:  3/16/20 to 3/27/20

  • Students should complete the distance learning assignment that is posted on google classroom.  
  • Follow the schedule that was completed in class on Friday (3/13/20).  
  • Attendance will be checked and marked in powerschool once you begin the assignment.  
If the assignment for the day is not completed during the assigned class time, you should complete it as a homework assignment.  

Google Classroom Access codes:
701 - 6c4zas7
702 - n4jmbzf
703 - z6ao6rz

Mrs. Pierrot

Accelerated 7th Common Core
Monday: Unit 4 Lesson 10
Tuesday:  Unit 4 Lesson 10
Wednesday: Finish IXL Diagnostics
Thursday: Review

Upcoming: Test on Unit 4 Friday

Monday:  Unit 5 Lesson 11 Practice
Tuesday: None
Wednesday: Finish IXL Diagnostics/Unit 5 Lesson 16 Practice

Algebra (8th grade)
Monday:  Unit 4 Lesson 13 Practice
Tuesday:  Unit 4 Lesson 14 Practice
Wednesday: Finish IXL Diagnostics
Thursday:  Unit 4 Lesson 15 Practice

Ms. Zangaglia

 Language Arts  
Homework each week will be reading a minimum of 90 minutes in your independent reading book. Please complete the front and back page of the reading log and submit on Fridays. 

n Friday, September 20th you will have a vocabulary and comprehension quiz on chapters 1-5 in Freak the Mighty. You may also memorize the "Parts of Speech" poem for an extra 10 points on an assignment. The "parts of speech poem" is listed on google classroom as well as the link to quizlet for vocabulary.
 Important Dates