Grade 7 Central Homework Hotline

Mrs. Lorry Given
House Leader

Mrs. Donielle JoslynEnglish Language Arts
Mrs. Lynn CorriganMath
Ms. Dawnett Warburton 
Mr. Mark Jackson 

Mrs. Tritty Kelly 
Social Studies 


 Class Assignments 
Mrs. Kelly 


 Mrs. Joslyn 

English Language Arts

Monday: write sentences using each vocabulary word from List #2

Tuesday-Thursday: study vocab (quiz Friday) and work on Three Wish Story (due Friday) --see Google Classroom for more information

Friday: none 

 Mrs. Corrigan  

Common Core: 
Due Friday, Oct 26 is handout on adding and multiplying mixed numbers  
Thursday, October 25 is a quiz on writing and evaluating algebraic expressions  

Accelerated Common Core: 
Due Wednesday, Oct. 24 online or p 106(8-26 even) Due Friday, Oct. 26 online or p 112-113(6-22 even and 29-34 all)

Friday, Oct. 26 is a quiz on solving 1- and 2- step equations.       


Work on Khanacademy every night. Finish any class work.

Thursday, Oct. 25 is a UNIT TEST on functions.

Students assigned to grade 7 on Khanacademy must work at least two and half hours every week. You may work on it at home, lunchtime in the library or come in at 7:30 AM and work in my classroom. This is so you catch up and are successful in Algebra class. A week is starts on Monday and I will check the time worked every Monday morning.

Mrs. Given   


Students will need the following items (by Friday, October 26) to complete an upcoming lab: an empty 1 gallon plastic jug with a lid, and 2 empty plastic 2-liter bottles with a lid.

Current Events article/write-up due Friday of October 26.

Current Events articles will also be due on the last Friday of each of the following months: December, February, April, and June (last Friday we are in school).

  Mr. Jackson 

Social Studies


 1. Always check google classroom daily for announcements and assignments. 

2. Work on Heritage Wall project that is due on October 26th.  

3. Bring in money and permission slip for Lockwood Mathews Mansion trip. Cost of the trip is $20. Permission slips and money need to be in by October 26th. The Trip is on November 1st. 

Important Dates