Grade 7 Central Homework Hotline

Mrs. Lorry Given
House Leader

Mrs. Donielle JoslynEnglish Language Arts
Mrs. Lynn CorriganMath
Ms. Dawnett Warburton 
Mr. Mark Jackson 

Mrs. Tritty Kelly 
Social Studies 


 Class Assignments 
Mrs. Kelly 


 Mrs. Joslyn 

English Language Arts
Week of 3/18: 
Poe essay due this Friday, 3/22

 Mrs. Corrigan  

Mar 11-Mar 15
Common Core: 

Monday: make up missing work

Tuesday: make up missing work
Wednesday: make up missing work
Thursday: Study for tomorrow's Unit Test
Friday: None
Friday, March 15  is a Unit Test on Percents and Proportions.
Accelerated Common Core: 

Monday: online 7.3 or 286-287(6-11,31)

Tuesday:online 7.1 or 274-275(9, 11, 21. 27-29)
Wednesday: Online 7.2 280-281 (6-14,28-31)
Thursday:  STUDY for quiz
Friday: None
Friday, March 15 is a quiz on angles and triangles

Monday: Finish classwork

Tuesday: 441(16-19)


Thursday: STUDY

Friday, March 15  is a Unit Test on Exponential and Linear Functions. 
Mrs. Given   


Extra credit assignment: See Google Classroom for Black History Month Biography. Due no later than February 28.

***We will be building the ecosystem terrariums on Friday, February 22. You will need to bring in any additional supplies your group has added to your design. Each STEM engineering team will need an empty 2-liter plastic (soda) bottle. Potting soil, seeds, gravel and sand will be provided.

Bring in your supplies for your Invention Convention project. Supplies are due in class no later than Monday, February 4. Additional information is available in Google Classroom.

Science Current Events article/write-up due no later than Friday, April 26 . Form is available in class or on Google Classroom.

Science Current Events articles (must be science-related) will also be due on the last Friday of each of the following months: February, April, and June (last Friday we are in school).

Returned signed (by parent/guardian) Invention Convention sheet by March 15.

  Mr. Jackson 

Social Studies


 1. Always check google classroom daily for announcements and assignments. 

2. Work on readworks article and plate tectonic video worksheet. 

3. Final NYC payment and medical forms are due by Friday March 15th. 

Important Dates