Grade 7 East Homework Hotline

Mr. Galahad HoScience

Mr. Tyson Kaczmarek
English Language Arts
Mr. Luis Natal
Math (Common core and
common core Accelerated)
Ms. Dawnett Warburton 
Mr. Dean Vaccaro    

Mrs. Tritty Kelly
Social Studies 


 Mr. Kaczmarek 

English Language Arts
Night of 8/30/18

Block 1 -- Binder, Dividers and Paper due Friday

Block 3 -- None

Block 4 -- None

 Mr. Natal  

Common Core Accelerated- 
Common Core-  
 Algebra 1-
Mr. Ho   


Atoms Quiz corrections due 10/10/18

*Only if you got 7 points or below on the quiz

Mixture HW due 10/12/18

Parents: If you are interested in receiving notifications from google classroom regarding upcoming assignments and homework, please send me an email and I will add you to the system.

  Mr. Vaccaro 

Social Studies

Test Friday 10/19 on Latin America Mapping Lab.  Study materials were given out Wed.  If you are absent Wed. but back in school Thu. -- and you don't come and see me on Thu. find out what you missed -- YOU WILL STILL TAKE THE TEST ON FRIDAY!!!!

Study Game for Latin America Countries...

Mrs. Kelly 


 Important Dates