Grade 7 East Homework Hotline

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Mrs. Lorry Given
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ext. 18425

Mr. Tyson Kaczmarek
English Language Arts
ext. 18430
Mr. Luis Natal
Math (Common core and
common core Accelerated)
ext. 18410
Dr. Robert Seferian 
ext. 18297
Mr. Dean Vaccaro    Social Studies
Ms. Monica Orban      ESL Bilingual Social Studies 

 Mr. Kaczmarek 
 English Language Arts

 Mr. Natal  
Common Core Accelerated- Finish Integer puzzle
Common Core-  Finish 1.2 PT
 Algebra 1-none
  Mrs. Given   

Next current events article is due on the last day we meet in February. Articles should be science-related, and published within the past 3 months. Format is available on Google Classroom.

Rock Cycle Project: Due February 14, 2018

 Period Assignment 





  Mr. Vaccaro 
Social Studies

- Fri 9/22: Finish class work

Unit Test on Ch 1 Tools of Geography unit - Thu., 9/28 (depending on when I see your class due to testing)

Geography Alive online text   teacher:    student last name and first initial
passwork =  Roton1

Medieval Times and Beyond online text     teacher:  student =  rotonstudent    
password = Roton1

 Ms. Orban 
Bilingual Social Studies 

Important Dates 

Encore Interest Survey