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Education Cost Sharing Lawsuit - September 9th, 2016

Click here for the story in the Hartford Courant.

Norwalk PTOC's Response:

Good Afternoon PTO/PTA Presidents and PTO Council Representatives,


As many of you know the Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding vs Rell lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Connecticut’s system of education funding was decided this week.  Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher determined that the State has violated the constitutional rights of our students by distributing school funding in a way he described as “irrational.”  There were many things at issue in this case but among the most relevant was the State’s reliance on property value as an indicator of town wealth.  The idea is that wealthy towns are more able to self-support their school systems than towns with high levels of poverty.  This system, however, unfairly penalized communities like Norwalk and Stamford which have high property values (due to our proximity to New York City) but also high levels of poverty.  The State has taken no regard of the fact that more than half of Norwalk’s school children live at an income level that qualifies them for free and reduced lunch and many live below the poverty line.  Over the years Norwalk has transferred millions of dollars in potential school funding to other communities around the state and received very little in return.  In fact only about ten percent of our school budget comes from state ECS funding versus some seventy-five percent in Bridgeport.  Even towns within our District Reference Group which share similar demographics, such as Danbury, receive disproportionately more state aide than Norwalk.  Owing to this we are forced to fund the vast majority of our education budget through regressive property taxes.


Over the past twelve years the State of Connecticut has spent millions of dollars fighting to preserve this inequitable system.  They are widely expected to appeal the court’s ruling.  As a community of parents and citizens we need to make our voices heard.  I would like you to consider writing letters on behalf of your school parent organization to our local legislators and to State officials urging them to comply with the court’s order and revise education funding now.  Relevant recipients would include:


Local Officials:


Rep. Chris Perone ( 137th)

State Capitol, Room 110

Hartford, CT 06106-1591


Rep. Bruce Morris (140th)

Legislative Office Building, Room 5004

Hartford, CT 06106-1591


Rep. Terrie Wood (141st)

Legislative Office Building, Room 4200

Hartford, CT 06106-1591


Rep. Fred Wilms (142nd)

Legislative Office Building, Room 4200

Hartford, CT 06106


Rep. Gail Lavielle (143rd)

Legislative Office Building, Room 4200

Hartford, CT 06106


Sen. Bob Duff (25th)

Legislative Office Building, Room 3300

Hartford, CT 06106-1591



State Officials:


Education Committee

Legislative Office Building, Room 3100

Hartford, CT 06106


George Jepsen

Attorney General of Connecticut

55 Elm Street

Hartford, CT 06106


Dannel Malloy

Governor of Connecticut

State Capitol

210 Capitol Avenue

Hartford, CT 06106



I am grateful for the work of former Mayor Alex Knopp and his team at Yale; to the CCJEF staff; to the Board of Education; the City of Norwalk and to Mayor Harry Rilling for their commitment to see that all children receive an equal opportunity for success.  Thank you all for your ongoing efforts in support of our students,




Michael J Byrne


PTO Council of Norwalk