Sixth East Homework Hotline

Mrs. Shannon Mariconda

House Leader
English Language Arts

Mrs. Amy Nill 

Mr. Kenneth WoodScience/Social
Dr. Robert Seferian
Resource Teacher

Important Information

East House Welcome Letter and Supply List
East House 6th Grade Google Classroom Code: crksdvo

 Class     Assignment
Mrs. Nill

All assignments will post in Google Classroom at 2:35

Block 1 & 3: 
IXL Codes VDP and XFF - Due Friday 4/23
Smart Score of 80 or higher or 20 minutes
Expressions and Equations Quiz Due Monday

Block 2: 
IXL Codes: ZZK - Due Friday
Smart Score of 80 or higher
Measures of Center and Variability Quiz Friday
Rational Numbers Test Corrections Due Monday

*Please make sure your Chromebook is charged and with you everyday you are at school.

 Mr. Wood 

Social Studies

Science Homework:

Write an Essay: How are pollen and nectar different? (due Friday, April 30th)

Mrs. Mariconda

Language Arts

Student Led Conference (w/ parents) flimed and submitted in FlipGrid by 11:59pm on May 14th
(Will count as a grade in ELA class!)