Sixth East Homework Hotline

Ms. Tracie Perrottelli

English Language Arts
Mr. Kenneth WoodScience/Social
Mrs. Jennifer Baker
Mr. Robert Ligouri 

Miss Orban
Resource Teacher

ESL teacher


 Class     Assignment
 Miss Orban


Mrs. Baker

Week of Oct 8 - 12
Students are making quiz corrections for HW
CCA Students will have operations with integers and rational numbers worksheets
CCM Students will be working on Lowest Common Multiple worksheets
 Mr. Wood 

Science/Social Studies


Social Studies Homework: 

Why do historians classify ancient Sumer as a civilization? Do we live in a civilized society today? Give examples to support your opinion. (Due Friday)  

Sumer Slide Presentations must be completed by November 21st.

Ms. Perrottelli

Language Arts

Read 60 minutes per week
Reading Logs due on Fridays

The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963  Chapters 1-3 Questions due Tues. 11/20
Important Dates/Information
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Deposit for Nature's Classroom ($110) due December 10th.  

Each homeroom has been assigned a food item for the annual food drive.  Please donate the food item or $1 for the food drive.  Thank you!