Sixth East Homework Hotline

Mr. Tyson Kaczmarek

English Language Arts
Mr. Kenneth WoodScience/Social
Mrs. Amy Nill
Dr. Robert Seferian
Resource Teacher

 Class     Assignment
Mrs. Nill

Block 1 and Block 2:
Weekly Homework Page (1 Column per night) Due Friday
Quiz Friday 10/18 on surface area of prisms

Block 3:
Unit 1 Test Tuesday 10/15
*Bring in small collection (nothing valuable) of 10 - 50 items in a Ziploc bag on Wednesday 10/16 Examples: seashells, coins, stickers, cards.

 Mr. Wood 

Social Studies

Science Homework Essay:

How does water move through the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere during the water cycle? 

(due Friday, October 18th)

Mr. Kaczmarek

Language Arts

Block 1
1. Independent Reading due Thursday, 10/31

Block 2
1. None

Block 3
1. None
Important Dates/

 Please send back permission slips for our field trips.