Sixth East Homework Hotline

 Ms. Christie Robinson
House Leader Professional Development
Technology Coach
 Social Studies, Science
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Tracie Perrottelli

English Language Arts
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Mrs. Katie PierrotMathext. 18411
Mrs. Jennifer Baker Mathext. 18415
Mr. Ian Golden                 English Language Artsext. 17446
 Mr. Mark Jackson 

Science & Social Studies
Dr. Robert Seferian Resource Teacher ext. 18438

 Ms. Monica Orban               ESL/ Bilingual Social Studies

 Class     Assignment
Mrs. Baker

Wkly Hmwk Assignments can be accessed via the Big Ideas Textbook; Assignments tab. 

Wk: April 23 - 27; Various Mini Reviews
Chapter 9 & 10 Data & Statistics Review
Chapter 4 Geometry Review
Chapter 3 & 7 Expressions and Equations
Chapter 5 Ratios, Rates/Unit Rates
Chapter 1 & 2 Number Sense
Mrs. Pierrot


Monday: Puzzle Time 9.1
Tuesday: Chapter 6 Review
Wednesday:  Puzzle Time 9.3
Friday: None

Access to the online textbook:
Ms. Robinson  


Prototype due by May 21, 2018 (end of period)

Revise part I & II by May 18, 2018 (beginning of period, so done on May 17) 

Daily Journals due: 5/15, 5/16, 5/17, 5/18--complete May 17   

Invention Convention projects due May 25, 2018 

Roton Invention Convention May 30, 2018 

SEPUP online Science textbook is here.
Student log is:
Username                rotonms
Password                science

 Ms. Robinson 

Ms. Perrottelli

Language Arts

Read 60 mins each week and complete Reading Log
Reading Log due every Friday


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Chapters 11-14 Questions due Wednesday, 5/30

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Chapters 15-17 Questions due Tuesday, 6/5

(You only have to answer 5 questions from each set of questions.  More than 5 will be extra credit.)   Questions can be answered in Google Classroom or on paper.

Quarter 4 Reading Log Book Project due 6/15  
Mr. Jackson

Social Studies/ Science

1. Have a good summer!
 Mr. Golden 
English Language Arts
  1. Reading Log due Monday, 5/7 - 100 minutes (200 for E.C.)
  2. Author Study Summaries due tomorrow, 5/10
  3. Author Study due Wednesday, 5/16
Please consult our class Google Classroom page for further information:

(Highlight link, then right click!)

 Mrs. Orban 
Bilingual Social Studies 




Invention Convention May 30, 2018 
Spring Concert May 30, 2018 

Encore Interest Survey