Sixth East Homework Hotline

Mr. Tyson Kaczmarek

English Language Arts
Mr. Kenneth WoodScience/Social
Mrs. Amy Nill
Dr. Robert Seferian
Resource Teacher

 Class     Assignment
Mrs. Nill

Check Google Classroom (class codes posted below if needed)

Block 1 code: rsairkz

Block 2 code: akbadim

Block 3 code: lfp4ejd

 Mr. Wood 

Social Studies

Social Studies Homework:

Complete Your Research, Your Craft Project, and Practice Your Presentation for the Egyptian Research and Craft Project.

(Due Friday, March 20th)

Mr. Kaczmarek

Language Arts

Block 1
1. Vocab #11 due Tuesday, 2/18
2. Independent Reading due Friday, 2/28
3. Ethos, Pathos, Logos Worksheet #3

Block 2
1. Finish Theme Worksheet #3

Block 3
1. Finish Theme Worksheet #3 
Important Dates/