Meet the Tutors

Elise Sullivan - President

Hi there! My name is Elise Sullivan and I’m a senior at Norwalk High School. I am the Editor in Chief of our Literary Magazine, The Voice, a staff writer for the NHS newspaper, The Paw Print, and an officer in the Bears United Club. 
I am also involved in the music department where I play violin in the Principal Orchestra and in the pit for the Spring Musical. A fun fact about me is that I have my own fashion blog. My strongest subjects are English, History (AP US History, US history, World History, and Government,) and Spanish, so if you need help with any of these, please stop by the lower library Monday’s after school from 2:15-3:00. I will be here to help you! 

If you have any questions or need further help, feel free to email me at 

Pari Patel - Vice President
Hello everyone! My name is Pari Patel and I am a junior here at Norwalk High School. I am the Secretary/Treasurer of FBLA, an active member of BROWN and I also assist in helping freshmen in Link Crew. Outside of school I do bollywood dance in an academy called Arya Dance Academy. I would like to pursue a career in the medical field. I will be tutoring in any subject, so if you need any help in any subject please come to the lower library on Mondays and Tuesdays right after school. I would love to help you! 
Katerina Karaiskos 

Hi, my name is Katerina Karaiskos and I am currently a senior here at Norwalk High. I love sports and music. I am a member of the Girls Volleyball team, the Principle Orchestra, and the Chambers Choir. I am also a member of the BROWN Community Service Club here at NHS. A fun fact about me is that I am a native Spanish speaker. This year I will be tutoring in every subject, as I excel in all of them and enjoy them very much. If you are ever having trouble, I'm here to help!

Isabel Herrera
Hi! My name is Isabel Herrera, and I'm currently a senior. I'm part of the music department, including the Norwalk High School Marching Band. I speak fluent Spanish and I'm also learning French! One day I hope to become a microbiologist! 

Chris Muralles
I am a Junior and I take five AP classes and 1 Honors class. My classes are: AP Spanish Language, AP Statistics, AP English Language and Composition, AP Physics, AP US Government, and Honors Precalculus. My strongest subjects are definitely math and Spanish. I speak Spanish fluently and I have taken every math course, thus far, available at Norwalk High. I started with Algebra 1 in 9th grade, Geometry and Honors Algebra 2 in 10th grade. Now I am doubling up once again with AP Stat and Honors Precalculus. So, I know the math courses very well because I have survived through them. I am interested in science so I am available to help with that as well.

Serena Jankovic

Hello! My name is Serena and I am a senior at Norwalk High. I am most involved in the music department where I sing and play in various ensembles and orchestras. I am also a member of student government and the BROWN community service club. Some fun facts about me: I love dancing (you may have seen me tap dancing in Annie two years ago!), spending time with friends, and the outdoors. 
My best subjects are English, math, and biology, so if you ever need help in those areas, I got you covered. 

Caroline Cormier
Hi, my name is Caroline and I'm a senior at NHS. I play volleyball for Norwalk in the fall and a club in the winter/spring. I also play cello in the pit for the musical. I'm involved in BROWN and link crew. Fun fact about me: I love to learn and hope to go into the medical field when I'm older. 
Psychology, Chemistry and U. S. History 

Chaz Bethel-Brescia
I consider myself a very good student, and have managed to get all A's freshman, sophomore, and the first half of junior year while taking on a challenging course load. Math and science are my strong suits academically, though my extracurricular focus is in music. My main instrument is the bass (upright and electric), and I also play piano and mallet percussion. I'm heavily involved in Norwalk High School's music department, as a member of Principal Orchestra, Chambers Choir, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Winter Percussion Ensemble, and Pit Orchestra for the spring musical. Outside of Norwalk High, I also play bass in the Norwalk Youth Symphony, and have participated in the Western Regional and All State Festival music festivals over the past two years.

James Roberts 

Hi, I'm James Roberts and I'm a student athlete at Norwalk high, I play football and participate in many clubs at Norwalk high including link crew.

May Kapadwala 
My names May Kapadwala, I am a Junior at NHS. I played field hockey and was in choir the first two years of high school but decided to focus on school more this year. I LOVE dogs although I use to terrified of them which I think is hilarious because I have to rottweilers now. 

I've always been in the honors classes for each subject so I don't mind helping with any subject because once I start to help I'll remember more on the topic. Specifically, I'm good at Math, Writing, and Psychology. I can go help on Monday's every week.

Sean Murwaski
Hello! My name is Sean Murawski, and I am a junior here at Norwalk High School. I play baseball, and I am very active in several clubs, notably Bears Beating Cancer. I play the guitar and drums, and I would like to go into a career as a journalist. I take two AP classes and two honors classes this year, so I know how it feels to be stressed out with school work. But don't worry, because along with my fellow Bear Peer Tutors, I am here to help. I am in the library every Wednesday to help anybody with English or History. See you there!

Julia Dufort
My name is Julia Dufort and I’m a sophomore. I’m happy to help in any subject. I can tutor in biology, geometry, world history, or english. I’m currently taking AP U.S. History, chemistry, and algebra II. I’m a member of the marching band and I run outdoor track.