About My Class

Welcome to my website. Thanks for visiting!  

On this page, I will share with you some important things about my science class. I teach sixth-graders on the Gold Team at West Rocks. This is my 13th year of teaching.  

My science class is a place of learning, exploration, growth and fun. I encourage all of my students to try their best. I believe, and try to convey to my students,  that they are capable of becoming great young men and women.

In my class, students are encouraged to develop their academic and social skills so that then when they reach the seventh grade and beyond, they will be more capable of succeeding and leading more productive and happier lives.  We also encourage a strong sense of humor!

Students in my class are free to be themselves as long as they do not compromise the health, safety and welfare of others. It is okay to make mistakes in my class. We all make mistakes. My students do not have to be perfect but, at the very least, they must give their best effort. 

Bullying has no place in my class or in this school and it will not be tolerated. Everyone should feel safe and comfortable.