Grade 8 East Homework Hotline

Mrs. Shannon Mariconda 
East House Leader    
English Language Arts
Ms. Fran Blackman      Mathematics
Mr. Dean Vaccaro                   
 Social Studies
Mr. Galahad HoScience
Ms. Monica Orban  
Mr. Robert Seferian  
Resource Teacher

Class Assignments 
 Mrs. Mariconda 

English Language Arts 
Common Core ELA:
Read 30 minutes nightly (cannot be The Outsiders)

Accelerated ELA:
Read 30 minutes nightly 

Google Classroom Codes:
Acc. ELA: j8guph5
Block 4 - pvf1x0e

Ms. Blackman

Common Core

Look for questions from Exponents and Scientific Notation HW

*** TEST: Thursday, 10/18 (Chapter 10) *** 


Finish Equations with Variables on Both Sides of the Equation worksheet 

*** QUIZ: Friday, 10,19 (2.1 -2.3) ***


Finish Rotation worksheet/packet

*** TEST:  Friday, 10/19 (Chapter 7) ***

  Mr. Ho 


 Evolution Quiz on Friday 10/19
Quiz will cover embryos, homologous structure, analogous structure and fossils, natural selection

Block 3: Post-Lab questions due 10/15

Parents: If you are interested in receiving notifications from google classroom regarding upcoming assignments and homework, please send me an email and I will add you to the system.

Mr. Vaccaro

Social Studies
Last week:  Homework: UNP 3.1 odds due F 9/31
Tue: Homework: UNP Part 2 (Read 3.2 in textbook and do Q 17-32 Odd #s
Thu: Finish project!

Project: Message in a Bottle due M 8/5. Use the rubric!

 UNP = Unit Notes Packet

Creating America online textbook:

Ms. Orban 

 Important Dates