Grade 8 East Homework Hotline

Mrs. Shannon Mariconda 
East House Leader    
English Language Arts
Mrs. Fran Blackman      Mathematics
Mr. Dean Vaccaro                   
 Social Studies
Mrs. Lorry Given  Science
Monica Orban      ELL & Bilingual Social Studies

Class Assignments 
 Mrs. Mariconda 
English Language Arts 

Students are expected to read for 30 minutes daily - can be at home, on the bus, during lunch, etc.

Any work that is not completed in class will need to be completed at home - all work for this class will be done in class otherwise.

Last Blog of the Year: due 5/31/18 by 11:59pm

The blog must be written on a book you have read. I will not allow blogs written on articles - they will be sent back ungraded. Please make sure you turn these assignments in on time - as late assignments will receive hefty deductions for each day late.

Ms. Blackman 

Common Core



Graphing Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form 


Exploring the Parameters of y=ax2+bx+c 

  Mrs. Given 

Invention Convention: All projects/prototypes, and tri-fold boards must be picked  up from Mrs. Given's classroom no later than Monday, June 11, at 3:00.

  Mr. Vaccaro
Social Studies
- Finish reading Ch 6. Finish the entire UNP.  
- Ch 6 Unit Test is Tuesday, 12/19

Creating America online book link (missing Constitution section):

TCI History Alive online book
  teacher:  username: student's last name+first initial (lowercase)
  password: Roton1

Mr. Jackson 
Social Studies/Science  
1. Have a good summer!

Ms. Orban 
ESL/Bilingual Social Studies 


Tuesday: Exponent Quiz Review
Wednesday: Writing Linear Equations Worksheet  
Friday: None

 Important Dates 

6th Grade Trip: Nature's Classroom (April 4-6)
7th Grade Trip: New York City (4/19-4/20)
8th Grade Trip: Boston (5/9-5/11)

Encore Interest Survey