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All About Spanish Class

Welcome to Mrs. Falcone's website! The information presented here is intended to help answer some of the questions you might have about Spanish class.

  • Students are expected to arrive on time with all necessary materials (pen/pencil, homework, notebook/folder).
  • Students should quietly enter the classroom, copy the posted homework, begin the APW, and take out the homework that is due.
  • Students are expected to treat everyone with respect.
  • Students should be attentive and participate by raising their hands.

20% participation/pronunciation
20% homework completion
60% quizzes/tests/projects

  • Students are expected to participate daily.
  • Participation can include individual as well as choral repetition.
  • Both active(answering questions) and passive participation (paying attention) are necessary to succeed
  • Homework is assigned daily.
  • Homework is posted on the homework chart.
  • Homework is to be copied into West Rocks planners.
  • To receive full credit (100 pts) homework must be turned in at the start of class when it is due.
  • Late homework will be accepted for reduced credit only
  • Homework is not considered late if a student was absent from the school the day the homework was assigned.
  • All quizzes/tests are announced and posted on the homework chart.
  • Study guides can be found in the current homework packet for grades 6 and 7.
  • Study guides for grade 8 can be found in the chapter outline.
  • West Rocks policy states that students who score below a 70 on a quiz/test are allowed to retake the quiz/test for a maximum score of 70.
  • I allow retakes on grades of 70-89 as well. The new score will be averaged with the original one.
  • Retakes may not be taken during class. Students should arrange to retake the quiz/test before or after school.
There are not currently any projects assigned.

6th Grade (class meets every other day)

Para empezar (getting started section):

  • At school:  greet people; introduce yourself to others; respond to classroom directions; begin using numbers; tell time; talk about things in the classroom; the Spanish alphabet; the calendar; the weather; the seasons of the year.
  • Chapter 1A - What do you like to do?:  talk about activities you like and don't like to do; asking others what they like to do; understand cultural perspectives on favorite activities.
  • Chapter 1B - What are you like?:  Talk about personality traits; ask and tell what people are like; use adjectives to describe people; understand cultural perspectives on friendship.
  • Chapter 2A - Your day at school:  Talk about school schedules and subjects;  discuss what students do during the day; ask and tell who is doing an action; compare your school with that of a student in a Spanish-speaking country.

  • Textbook Website:

  • Practice your Spanish:

  • Extra Help is available after school on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • If a student cannot stay after school another time will be arranged
  • Tutors charge $50-$100 an hour. My help is FREE!!