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 Important DatesSturbridge Field Trip - Friday, 10/8

English Language Arts

Monday- Read 30 minutes.
- Read 30 minutes.
Wednesday - Read 30 minutes.
Thursday - Vocab Quiz List 4 
Read 30 minutes.
Friday - Read 30 minutes. 

 Mr. Hefferan
9/27 - no classes today due to standardized testing....


Geom: prep using today's activity, test mon. on it all !

 Alg:  For a QUIZ:     pages 69 (38-48)(58-61), pg 70 (7-14), pg 125 (10-17), pg. 126 (18-20), pg 126 (37-40), pg 127 (54-56)

 Common Core Math:   none

 Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies
Students need to write an Ace response explaining to me which Native American Culture Group they were like to have been part of and why.  I was out to a wedding in Tennessee for a few days.  Students were to make up any missing work.  I am also collecting money and permission slips for The West House for Sturbridge Village trip coming up Oct. 12. While I was away, students complete some simple questions on a handout about freedom.  They were to write a short paragraph showing me what they learned about freedom from doing that work. Students will have until the end of the week to hand in these last 2 assignments. Students tests are scored and posted.  Look on powerschool. It is up to date. This week I will be sending home mid quarter progress reports to be signed by a parent as a homework credit.  Look for them!  Sign Them!
Mr. Skopp



Parents interested in viewing their child's google classroom account for assignments and homework, please send me an email so I could link your email address to the account.                  
Ms. Orban