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 Important Dates

Ms. Radecki 

English Language Arts

Updated 9/9/19
Google classroom codes-
GT- cz8xu8
Block 3- anzvlc
Block 4- a21h51

Long term assignments-
Every student should be reading a fiction novel on their reading level for 30 minutes each night.  There will be a reading project due before the end of the quarter.

Nightly homework-
Monday- (9/9) Read and annotate NEWSELA article. Complete questions. Due tomorrow. 
Tuesday- (9/10) Respond to prompt question in writer's notebook (you may pick the prompt from the list given in class).  This should be at least 20 minutes of thoughtful writing. Due tomorrow.
Wednesday- (9/11)  Complete current event worksheet. Current event must be after 2016.  Due Friday.
Thursday- (9/12) *Testing today. Current event due tomorrow!
Friday- (9/13) Enjoy the weekend!

 Mr. Hefferan
Sept. 13 *




* If ever I forget to update this, simply call a friend and ask them what the HW is.

* If you need to email me:   HefferanT@norwalkps.org
I typically check email at 8 a.m., lunch time, and at 3:00.

(email is much better than voicemails - our phones do not indicate that we have a voicemail)


 Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies
Students were asked to do a little research about 9/11 and come back with 3 questions in writing which will be handed in that they would like to know the answers to about 9/11.  Due 9/10.
Students write a short paragraph telling me what the most important thing they learned about 9/11 in class today was. Due 9/12 Due to testing hw will be collected when I see you next week. No homework given during this test.

Mr. Skopp


Due 9-13-19
Complete predicting and answering questions related to the station rotation activity that we completed in class.  This applies only to the stations that you were able to visit.

Due 9-11-19
Read article posted on Google Classroom.  Develop 3 questions about Jet Suits that relate to the article.  

Google Classroom Access codes:

801 - yrf0xzz

802 - j08j71

803 - 2axzxk

Long Term:
Current Event Report Due 9-27-19