Eighth West Homework Hotline

Ms. Jessica Radecki
English Language Arts radeckij@norwalkps.org
Mr. Tim Hefferan 

 Mr. John Skopp 

Science skoppj@norwalkps.org
Ms. Dawnett WarburtonResource WarburtonD@norwalkps.org
 Mr. Frank Krysiuk 
Social Studies 

 Important Dates

Ms. Radecki 

English Language Arts

Updated 3/9/20
Google classroom codes-
GT- cz8xu8
Block 3- anzvlc
Block 4- a21h51

Long term assignments-
Every student should be reading a book on their reading level for 30 minutes each night.  This marking period, the book should be by an African-American author or be a biography of an African-American.

Nightly homework-
Monday- (3/9) Practice SLC script
Tuesday- (3/10) 30 minutes of Qt. 3 project
Wednesday- (3/11) Work on write ups for themes assignment (this will be explained later in the week in class)
Thursday- (3/12) Work on write ups for themes assignment (this will be explained later in the week in class)
Friday- (3/13) Have a nice weekend!

 Mr. Hefferan
March 11
 In the event our school is suddenly closed for any reason, my classes will do the following:

1. go to MY Google Classroom

2. Use the correct code in the event you need it... 
Block 2: mbz2xfk
Block 3: sl7qtcw (that is an L between s and 7, not a 1)
Block 4: 7vlmgjc (that is an L between v and m, not a 1)

3. IMPORTANT:  Take a photo of the work I assign, send to my Google Classroom.

4. Questions?  Call a friend?  Or email me.  HefferanT@norwalkps.org
Please do not email me with silly questions like "I can't do this problem". Be specific.  If you wish to take a picture of a problem you're doing and you need help, take a picture, email it to me at
(but send work to Google Class)


Pre Alg.: Block 2
 none !

Pre Alg.: Block 3

CC Math: Block 4

* If ever I forget to update this, simply call a friend and ask them what the HW is.

* If you need to email me:   HefferanT@norwalkps.org
I typically check email at 8 a.m., lunch time, and at 3:00.



 Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies
Final Project - The 8th grade Civil War Project done in groups or solo has begun and is due June 5th. Details are on google classroom.
Students areexpected to 1. Sign in to Mr. K's class every time they have SS and then they will be able to join the zoom class where they can ask questions and work with others. I  have begun commenting on work as we proceed so be sure to log in, K.  ALL PROJECTS DUE FRIDAY, JUNE 5th. !!!!
Mr. Skopp


Distance Learning Assignments:  3/16/20 to 3/27/20

  • Students should complete the distance learning assignment that is posted on google classroom.  
  • Follow the schedule that was completed in class on Friday (3/13/20).  
  • Attendance will be checked and marked in powerschool once you begin the assignment.  
If the assignment for the day is not completed during the assigned class time, you should complete it as a homework assignment.  

Google Classroom Access codes:

801 - 7u3s5ah

802 - hhznmgp

803 - 2xvxgl4