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Class Assignment 
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English Language Arts

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Social Studies

Students are encouraged to go into their Google Classrooms and make up any missing work before or during the break.If you see a blank for an assignment it will become a zero before the quarter ends. That, and any grade less than a 70 could and should be made up. 
Students log onto E-Book at connected.mcgrawhill.com(Go through classlink) and go to chapter 3 lesson 2 and complete chart and hw question. I will join both grade together into one in powerschool. The book is Discovering Our Past. Due 12/10.
Students read attachment in google classroom Puritans revisited. Students then answer questions on word doc opening it in Kami or making it a google doc. Due today, Nov. 30.  Teacher will be looking in google classroom for responses! Students read the story of Luigi Apicella and write an author's purpose response in an A.C.E. format telling me why the author chose to write this piece. The answer should be 1 of 3 choices. The author was trying to persuade, inform or entertain you. Then prove it with quotations from the piece. Expectation is it will be done in class today,12/2.    STUDENTS WILL BE TAKING UNIT TEST ON MIDDLE AND SOUTHERN COLONIES THURSDAY,  JAN 14. THEY SHOULD HAVE COMPLETED A STUDY SHEET TO HELP THEM STUDY FOR TEST TODAY IN CLASS. LOOK FOR IT. MAKE SURE STUDENTS HAVE  ALL THE ANSWERS. IF NOT, HAVE THEM WRITE THEM IN.
Mr. Skopp

Current Event Report Due 10/5/20

Check google classroom for assignments that need to be completed.

Parents - please email me for an invite to your child's google classroom