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 Important Dates

English Language Arts

Monday - No School
Tuesday - Vocab due tomorrow. 

Wednesday -  Presentations on Monday. ACE response about your character due Tuesday. 
Thursday- Practice your parts and study for your quiz. 
Next Vocabulary Quiz 11-20 on Friday, 2/22

Parents - if you want Google Classroom access, please email me at biatowasl@norwalkps.org. Thanks!

 Mr. Hefferan

                                        Geom:  text: pg 159, #27   

Alg:  none   

Common Core Math:  none

 Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies
   Students viewed a video about the American revolution and answered guiding questions to be used to complete a well written Ace Response.  The video sheet will count as 2 classwork assignments because it was worked on in class for almost 2 blocks. Due 2/21. Students will use their video question sheet to gather facts to write an ACE response that answers the question how did the rag-tag bunch of colonists defeat the most powerful military force of that time? Due 2/25  From the quotes of The Declaration of Independence read in class, choose 1 quote that means the most to you and tell me why in a paragraph. Due 2/11.  In the textbook, the document can be found on pgs 137-140.  In your E-Book try clicking on feature tab for that chapter.
Mr. Skopp


Begin investigating a project for the Invention Convention.  Use the worksheet provided on google classroom to help develop your idea.

Current Event Report #1 for 3rd MP due 2/13/19

Parents interested in viewing their child's google classroom account for assignments and homework, please send me an email so I could link your email address to the account.       

Ms. Orban