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 Important Dates

Ms. Radecki 

English Language Arts

Updated 10/14/19
Google classroom codes-
GT- cz8xu8
Block 3- anzvlc
Block 4- a21h51

Long term assignments-
Every student should be reading a fiction novel on their reading level for 30 minutes each night.  There will be a reading project due Friday, October 25th. Please check Google Classroom for examples, templates, and directions.

Nightly homework-
Monday- (10/14) Writer's Notebook prompt
Tuesday- (10/15) Complete current event worksheet. Current event must be after 2016.  Due Friday.
Wednesday- (10/16)  PSAT
Thursday- (10/17) Work on reading project for 30 minutes
Friday- (10/18) Enjoy the weekend! (Remember, one-pager is due Friday, October 25th.  If you have any last minute questions make sure you ask them ASAP.)

 Mr. Hefferan
Oct 17*

Pre Alg.: Block 2

Pre Alg.: Block 3
(Test Fri.

CC Math: Block 4

* If ever I forget to update this, simply call a friend and ask them what the HW is.

* If you need to email me:   HefferanT@norwalkps.org
I typically check email at 8 a.m., lunch time, and at 3:00.



 Mr. Krysiuk

Social Studies
Students have Message in a Bottle project Packet signed on the first page. signatures Due 10/14.  Students can work on these for hw Monday and Wednesday. 
Students write a short paragraph telling me what the most important thing they learned about 9/11 in class today was. Due 9/12  Which of the Native American Culture Groups you placed on your organizer would you like to have lived with and why? - Write an A.C.E. response.   Due 9/20.
Should freedom be measured by quantity or quality of life?  Explain in a well written paragraph. Due 10/3
In your opinion, which had more to do with settling America, religion or wealth? - A good paragraph.  Use question sheet from class for facts. Due 10/10
Mr. Skopp


Due Monday 10-21-19
Complete Kinetic Energy Equations 1-9 (Worksheet)

Google Classroom Access codes:

801 - yrf0xzz

802 - j08j71

803 - 2axzxk