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Social Studies

  Students follow directions in their Google Classroom to complete their National Parks Project which will be tentatively completed 9/22 by  end of day and we will be tentatively starting  presentations Thursday 9/24. See Google  classroom for expectations.  Students complete questions on Norwalk Native Americans in complete sentences. Due 10/5. Students in class choose 1 topic to research from flocabulary week in rap and complete google slide presentation in google classroom. due today, 10/9/20. Students complete section 1-3 questions in their Google Classroom Native American assignment and the next two days following will complete organizers on slides 4 and 5. All is due Thursday October 22.
Mr. Skopp

Current Event Report Due 10/5/20

Check google classroom for assignments that need to be completed.

Parents - please email me for an invite to your child's google classroom