Nortia is the Etruscan Goddess of Fate, predecessor to the Roman Goddess Fortuna (luck, in English).

Due diligence and (hopefully) a bit of good luck: our not so secret sauce to approach the stock market.

Nortia Research would like to become one of the places you visit to find data and diligence on a limited number of stocks that attracted our attention (among our criteria: innovative technologies/business models, turn around stories).

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How to use Nortia Research: - introduction to our diligence and links to the stocks under our coverage a collection of daily due diligence related to the stocks we follow.  We obtain our diligence from many sources, including Press Releases, articles published on the Internet, blogs, transcripts, financial estimates, certain company metrics, and channel checks to get a better feeling of the industry. - files with data, metrics, spreadsheets, etc. - personalised mail and to access to the subscribers' sections.



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Nortia had a great temple in Velsna, where it was a tradition to drive a nail into the wall at the new year to mark the ending or fixing of the old one.

This is variously explained as a fertility rite, an expiation rite, or symbolizing the conclusion of the year just past. 

The act of driving a nail is seen as symbolic of Fate, as it  puts an end to motion.

The Latin expression "Clavus anni" designates the beginning of the year, and derives from this tradition (clavus is Latin for nail).

Nailing data in one place - an analysis of  past performances and, at the same time,  a starting point for new investment decisions.

This is what Nortia Research is mainly about.

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