Hi my name is Heather Almer and this will be my 6th year at Northwood school district, and my 10th year in special education. I have a Bachelors of Psychology with specialization in Child Development. I am also certified with a cross categorical degree in Special Education. My goal at Northwood is to discover the strengths, weaknesses and passions of each  student. Every student is unique and has his or her  own identity and  way of learning.  My job is to discover how your child learns and how to help them explore their individual strengths while helping them learn to overcome, develop and strengthen their weaknesses. Anyone new to Special Education knows that it can be very confusing process. That is why we are here to help students, parents and staff understand how special education works at Northwood  and what that means for your students. If you have any questions feel free to stop in at the school or give me a call.
Heather Almer
Northwood School


Look at the picture below. Who do you see?

Now walk back from your computer about 15 feet or so.

Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe

Now who do you see? This hybrid image was created in 2007 by Dr. Aude Oliva of MIT.

If you saw Albert Einstein up close and Marilyn Monroe when you stepped back 15 feet, congratulations! You now know what it’s like to have a learning disability... click to read the entire article

Misunderstood Minds

Aspergers Syndrome?
Autism Characteristics?
 Watch the link to youtube video below:
Famous People with Autism (or suspected)