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Directions for MackinVia:
1) School Name:  Northwood Public School, NORTHWOOD, ND
2)Username:  Firstname.Lastname
3)Password:  read 

Take an Accelerated Reader Test

Use this link to go to the Renaissance Place page.  You can take an AR quiz or check your points.  Remember...AR tests must be taken in school.  

Is it an AR Book? How many points is it worth?

Look up your books in the AR BookFinder to check the reading level and point value.  You can also use the Book Finder to search for books at your reading level.  

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Wondering what to read next????  Use this database to search for books.

Good Reads

Visit the library to set up a free account with RB Digital, provided as a service by the Northwood Library and the ND State Library. 

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