About our Technology Program

    The Technology program at Northwood Academy Charter School aligns itself with the students' general education curriculum.  In other words, the students learn how to utilize technology in order to advance their learning in other core subjects.

    Mr. Nelson along with the other Technology teacher Ms.Smith work collaboratively with your child's classroom teacher to ensure each Technology class is relevant to the students' current area of study.  This results in deeper more meaningful learning for the students and helps address all the various modalities of learning of our students.
    In addition to empowering student learning through the use of Technology, we also spend a great deal of time teaching the students to be responsible on the internet.  This includes teaching students to protect themselves online, our "Think B4 U Click" campaign and our anti-cyber bullying campaign. 

13 Reasons Why
Listen to the tapes!

Listen to the Tapes

Students in grades 3 through 8 are expected to have their Google usernames and passwords mesmerized.

The Northwood Robotics Team will be forming is underway.  We will be meeting after-school on Tuesdays.
Minecraft has come to Northwood.

Northwood has purchased student accounts for minecraftEDU, an educational version of the popular video game designed to be used in the   
classroom.  Stay tuned for after-school club information
and examples of how we have used Minecraft to enhance learning.

  I can be reached via telephone at 215-289-5606 or via email at anelson@northwoodcs.org

About Me

    I grew up in Annapolis, Maryland and attended  Broadneck High School followed by a Bachelor of Science Degree from Towson University in Baltimore.  After completing my student teaching internship at Arnold Elementary School in Maryland I received my Masters Degree in the Art of Teaching from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland.

   After earning my Masters Degree,  I volunteered to serve my country and humanity by joining the United States Peace Corps.  I was stationed in rural South Africa to serve as a School and Community Resource Volunteer.  I worked hard to support the teachers of several different schools and also educated the young people of the region about HIV/AIDS prevention.  I learned, loved, and grew much during this time overseas.  Living with the village Chief and his family; experiencing the kindness of strangers literally a world apart; and making a real impact on the direction of a people and a country awakened me to the power of education and energized me to return home and devote my professional career to serving the students and their families here in Philadelphia.