One of the best ways a student can develop an appreciation for the scientific enterprise, learn important scientific concepts, and develop the ability to think critically is to actively construct ideas through their own inquiries, investigations, and analyses. Our Science program was developed to engage students in these processes as they explore their natural world.  By incorporating strong real world connections and hands-on based learning activities students are actively engaged while further developing necessary critical and creative thinking skills.  Our science curriculum includes innovative approaches to accommodate different strengths and learning styles of students, enables students to become lifelong problem solvers through the utilization of the engineering/design process, and guides student learning using an inquiry-based approach to teaching science where concepts and ideas are integrated across the curriculum. Our goal is to better equip our students with the 21st century skills necessary to be successful in a technologically diverse and global society.
At Northwood Academy Charter School emphasis is placed on stimulating intellectual curiosity through a hands-on, experience based science programs.  Learning takes place in a safe and encouraging environment where students generate questions, test hypotheses, and draw conclusions. We place no limits on the child’s potential to learn.  The focus on science instruction is designed to help all students learn with greater ease and motivation.  Students utilize scientific discovery and implement state of the art technology to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world.  Our school incorporates the highest standards in a science enriched environment for students, staff and families.

Mr. Paleologos