Northwood Academy Charter School

2018-2019 School Year
Week of January 21st
Am Revolution Video Game Project due Monday, Jan 28th.  Make sure you finish your planning sheet and presentation!

Video Game Planning Sheet: Tuesday & Wednesday
Creating Google Slides Presentation for video game: Thursday & Friday
Presentations for Video Game Project: MONDAY January 28th

Week of January 17th 
Background Research for Video Game Project due Friday, January 18th 

Week of January 7th
Social Studies DBQ Essay DUE Monday, January 14th (At the Beginning of CLASS!!!)

Week of December 3rd 
~Illustrated Timeline due Friday, December 7th 
~South America Map Quiz Friday, Dec 7th 

Week of Nov. 26th 
~Quiz Map of South America Friday, Nov. 30th 
~Illustrated Timeline due Friday, December 7th 

Week of Nov. 5th
~Chapter 5 VocabularyQuiz, Wednesday Nov 7th
~US Map Quiz Friday, Nov. 9th 

Week of October 29th 
~Interior West & Pacific Sates/Capitals Friday, Nov. 2nd 
~Flashcards for Chapter 5 Vocabulary due Friday, Nov. 2nd 

Week of October 15th 
~Chapter 3 Vocabulary Quiz Tuesday, October 16th 
~Northeast, Southeast, & MidWest States & Capitals Quiz Thursday, October 18th  

Week of October 8th 
~Chapter 3 Vocabulary Flashcards due Thursday, Oct 11th
~MidWest State/Capitals Quiz is Friday, Oct 12th

Week of October 3rd
NE & SE States & Capitals Quiz Friday, October 7th 

Week of September 24th
***Presentations on 13 Colonies Project THIS WEEK!!***
Thematic QUIZ Thursday, Sept 27th: GGG~ Primary/Secondary Sources
Geography Quiz Friday, Sept 28th: Southeast States & Capitals

Time Machine Project Presentations start Monday, Sept 24th

***If you need to complete a CNN Student News at home, please go to the following link and watch the video for the day that you missed.***