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September 28, 2018 - Student/Alumni Strengths and Career Connections: Owen Jensen

Elementary principal Tammy Reidell is still working to help our children capitalize on their strengths and develop their career interests. When she hears students say what they "want to be when (they) grow up", Mrs. Reidell works to find a way to introduce them to an area alum in the same career field to help merge the students' interests and strengths into ambition for the future.

There are A LOT of elementary students who say they'd like to be firefighters, so this time around, Mrs. Reidell arranged for Zoie, Cole and Liam to meet with Owen Jensen ('04), a volunteer in the Northville Fire Department (and an NCS parent to boot).

A couple of the kids were a little shy at first, but all three were soon chatting with and asking questions of Mr. Jensen. The kids couldn't quite wrap their heads around how much a firefighter's gear weighs - upwards of 75 pounds - especially when they thought about having to wear it on a hot day. All three kids said they'd like to be a firefighter in order to help people and Mr. Jensen reinforced that idea, telling them helping people is definitely the best part of the job and that he has "never regretted" his decision to become a fireman.

Thanks to Mr. Jensen for giving his time, and to Mrs. Reidell for arranging such an inspiring meeting!