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June 9, 2017 - Quilt Square Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Terry Swierzowski, Kelly Montanye and Mia Franko, all of the Fulton Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce, joined Dr. Ford, Mrs. Reidell, Mr. McFarland, Board of Education members John Knapp and Arlène Rambush, and Mrs. Sedon and her eighth-grade art students for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony for Northville School's quilt square. 

Our quilt square, to which most of the eighth graders contributed hours of taping, painting and patience, depicts "A Falcon's Journey," and is one of 115 quilt squares currently on the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail.

If you haven't stopped by yet, please be sure to drive down Third Street at some point in the near future to see NCSD quilt square. The kids really did a beautiful job!