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June 15, 2017 - 4th Graders Making a Difference

Mr. Hammons and his class took a walk to the Little Lake bridge on this beautiful day to hang two "If You Carry It In, Carry It Out" signs as a reminder to please not litter.

As you may recall, Mr. Hammons recently took several students who'd never fished before to Water Street to cast some lines. The kids loved the trip, but were disappointed by the large amount of litter they noticed on both sides of the bridge.

Mr. Hammons and his class sprung into action, posting "Please Don't Litter" signs around school and requesting wooden signs for our local fishing hot spots from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC came through with the signs, and the Village of Northville pitched in by attaching new garbage cans to the guardrails on Water Street and at the spillway (thanks, Mr. Reidell and crew!)

Mr. Hammons had no shortage of helpers, and the signs were hung up in no time. The kids were visited by some friendly fish in the shallows, and Mr. Hammons pointed out several fish nests along the shoreline. The trip ended with a very successful litter pickup; it only took 10 minutes for 13 kids to fill 5 grocery bags with garbage, leaving both sides of Water Street as pristine as possible.

Great job, everyone, and thank you for working to make our town a better place!