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June 1, 2017 - Tech Classes Reconstruct Lifeguard Chair

Students from several different Tech classes pitched in on a project recently to assist the Northville-Northampton Joint Youth Program.

The two lifeguard chairs at the Northampton Town Beach were in a state of serious disrepair following the harsh winter and several years of use. Both chairs were delivered to the school, where the students and Mr. Hotaling salvaged what they could to begin constructing a single safe and solid lifeguard chair. Mr. Adamczyk and the NNJYC purchased additional lumber and supplies, and the students planned, built, sanded, brushed and finally painted the “new” chair for the coming beach season.

Today, the students completed the project by re-hanging the hinged “Lifeguard/No Lifeguard on Duty” sign. Next time you’re at the beach, check out our students’ handiwork!

Thank you to the NNJYC and Mr. Adamczyk for entrusting our Tech classes with this project, and for providing the funds to make it happen!