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Middle/High School

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My pledge as Northville Middle/High School Principal:

My name is Kyle H. McFarland, and I am your Middle/High School Principal. I am extremely grateful to be here at Northville. I know that my career here will be filled with many great memories and opportunities to grow, not only professionally, but personally as well. As your principal, I want to take this opportunity to make a "pledge" that I wish all of you will join me in. 

I will put students first.

  • Schools are a service business. I chose education to be part of a cause bigger than myself and to have an impact on the future. Creating opportunities for children has been and will continue to be my top priority.

I will be visible.

  • I will be at events, in the hallways, in classrooms. My goal this year is to get to know as many students and parents as possible.

I will engage our community.

  • The Northville community is a vital partner to our work. I will do my part to build relationships within our community.

I will listen.

  • Listening to conversations will help me this coming year. I will make time to keep these conversations going throughout the school year.

I will be direct.

  • I will communicate my views and values regularly, so that everyone is aware of my perspective. I will communicate regularly with everyone.

I will empower.

  • I will build leadership capacity in others. I will work with all members of the Northville school community to further their development.

I will represent and advocate for Northville in my actions, appearance and words.

  • I take my role as Middle/High School Principal seriously, and I will do my best to further enhance the reputation of Northville.

My vision will extend beyond testing.

  • I will extend my vision beyond testing. I will remember that the goal of Northville is learning and growth for all students while addressing state requirements and mandates. I will ensure that every student is College and/or Career ready.

I will be accountable.

  • While I commit to make tough decisions, listen and be direct, I also realize I may make mistakes. When this happens, I will take responsibility and seek opportunities to improve. I will never ask anyone to do anything that I am not willing to do myself, including coming out of my comfort zone to learn and grow.

I pledge that we will continue to provide our students of Northville with the skills which will enable them to fulfill their expectations and become valuable members of society. We will meet the wants and needs of each student here at Northville.

I look forward to a successful year and to making Northville an even stronger school than it was last year. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year.

Best regards,

Kyle H. McFarland
Middle/High School Principal