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Crisis Team Information

Crisis Team Member and Position:

Erin Gurdineer - CSE Coordinator
Lauren Luckert - School Psychologist
Annette Fordyce - School Nurse
Karen Izzo - School Counselor
Tammy Reidell - Elementary Principal
​Kyle McFarland - Secondary Principal
Dr. Leslie Ford - Superintendent​
As needed:
Secretaries to Principals - Peg Angus, Kim Sakadolsky
Mike Catalina - Director of Operations

Roles and Tasks:​

​Psychologist/CSE Coordinator - Psychological first aid (triage/assessment)
School Nurse - First aid
Elementary Principal - Crowd and plan management
Secondary Principal - Crowd and plan management
School Counselor - Counseling and connection to community resources
Superintendent - Media connections and dissemination of public information
Secretaries to Principals - Information flow
Director of Operations - Transportation