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District Vision:  Graduates of Northville Central School District are engaged critical thinkers and accomplished decision makers.

The School District

Northville Central is a small central district governed by a five-member elected school board, each member serving a term of five years.

School enrollment is approximately 450 students in grades Pre-K through grade 12. All students are housed in a single building. The district has completed a number of capital projects which have enlarged and modernized its facilities.

The District is organized as: PreK-5 Elementary School, 6-8 Middle School, and 9-12 High School. Emphasis is on mastery of essential academic content and skills.

Staffing includes three administrators, fifty-one teachers, and thirty-eight support staff employees.

A continuum of services provide varied educational opportunities for students of all abilities. Association with the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) provides access to programs on a regional level. Qualified seniors are eligible for early admissions to the local community college (FMCC).

Educational Philosophy

The mission of the Northville Central School District is to assure that all students acquire knowledge and develop the skills and work habits to enable them to become productive members of society. The Board of Education of the Northville Central School District is dedicated to educating students to understand and appreciate the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, enabling these students to function effectively as independent individuals in a democratic society. The mission is best accomplished when school personnel maintain high expectations for all students, create a positive school climate, ensure a safe and orderly school environment, monitor students' progress on a frequent basis and promote effective home-school communication.

Students must be educated to meet many new challenges which will confront them in a world which is forever changing. With each student, individual potential and the desire to learn will be considered. Support Services will be provided to promote the physical, mental and emotional attributes of the student. The entire academic program will promote good work habits, self-discipline, integrity, and self-confidence.  

   School Motto

Expectations, Effort, Excellence.


Characteristics of the District

  • High expectations for students
  • Small classes
  • Strong math and science programs
  • A caring community
  • Sound fiscal management
  • Positive board/superintendent relationship
  • A clear vision of the future at the board and district level
  • Strong extracurricular offerings
  • State of the art, 20,000 volume Media Center
  • Strong student performance on Regents exams
  • Strong total support for education
  • Good facilities
  • Strong special education programs
  • Strong related and support services
  • Strong and active PTO


 Elementary Highlights

  • Pre-school LIFT 3-yr. old program
  • Pre-Kindergarten program
  • Technology Classes K-6
  • Elementary Library Club
  • Art Club
  • Character Education Programs
  • Hands-on Science Programs
  • Science Fair
  • Yearbook
  • Morning Fitness Club
  • STEM Rocket Club
  • Summer Academic Program
  • Shared-Decision Making Team
  • Full & Comprehensive Core Curriculum of ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies

 Junior & Senior High School Highlights

  • Character Education Programs
  • Strong class activities program
  • Green Club 
  • Bowling Club
  • Girls Athletic Association
  • High School Library Club
  • National Honor Society
  • Readers of the Round
  • Student Council
  • Peer Leadership Program
  • Peer Mediation
  • Jazz Band


  • Varsity Club
  • Art Club
  • Band 
  • Computer Club
  • Future Teachers Association
  • Golf Club
  • History Travel Club
  • Senior Play
  • Drama Club
  • SADD Chapter
  • Tennis Club
  • Yearbook