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Northville Central School District
P.O. Box 608
131 S. Third Street
Northville, NY  12134
Telephone: 518-863-7000
Main Office Fax: 518-863-7011

Please use P.O. Box 608 as the district's mailing address.

The email links below may not work directly if you are using an external/web-based system (Gmail, Yahoo!, etc.). If that is the case, please open a draft email and copy/paste the address(es) you need from the list below. 

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Abrams, Kim - Ext. 4100 Tax Collector kabrams@northvillecsd.org 
Angus, Peg - Ext. 4123 Secretary - ES pangus@northvillecsd.org 
Bailey, Melissa Teaching Assistant - Reading mbailey@northvillecsd.org 
Bevington, Jayme Teacher - MS English jbevington@northvillecsd.org 
Bieniek, Rebecca Teaching Assistant - Media Center rbieniek@northvillecsd.org 
Bogart, Katharine Teacher - MS Special Education kbogart@northvillecsd.org 
Boyle, Samantha Teacher - Grade 1 sboyle@northvillecsd.org 
Brown, Christine Teacher - ES AIS Reading Services cbrown@northvillecsd.org 
Butler, Kayla Teacher - MS Science kbutler@northvillecsd.org 
Catalina, Mike - Ext. 3017 Director of Building, Grounds and Transportation mcatalina@northvillecsd.org 
Clapper, Amy Teacher - Grade 2 aclapper@northvillecsd.org 
Clapper, Steve Teacher - Grade 5 sclapper@northvillecsd.org 
Coupas, Kathryn Teacher - HS Special Education kcoupas@northvillecsd.org 
Curley, Ericka Teacher - ES Special Education ecurley@northvillecsd.org 
Dickinson, Jamie Teacher - MS/HS Science jdickinson@northvillecsd.org 
Dimick, Angie - Ext. 4000 Secretary - Main Office adimick@northvillecsd.org 
Dutcher, Angela Teacher - Grade 1 adutcher@northvillecsd.org 
Edwards, Anna Teaching Assistant - HS aedwards@northvillecsd.org 
Edwards, Mindy Teacher - Kindergarten medwards@northvillecsd.org 
Ellsworth, Bruce - Ext. 4118 Business Manager bellsworth@northvillecsd.org 
Fitzgerald, Shannon - Ext. 4101 Webmaster, Communications, Asst. DDC, Temporarily-Housed Liaison sfitzgerald@northvillecsd.org 
Ford, Dr. Leslie - Ext. 4121 Superintendent lford@northvillecsd.org 
Fordyce, Annette - Ext. 4126 School Nurse afordyce@northvillecsd.org 
Frederick, Justin Teacher - MS/HS Math, Technical Math jfrederick@northvillecsd.org 
Goodemote, Jon Teacher - Physical Education jgoodemote@northvillecsd.org 
Graves, Michael Teacher - ES/MS/HS Music, Band mgraves@northvillecsd.org 
Groff, Laurie - Ext. 4121 Secretary - Superintendent laurie@northvillecsd.org 
Gurdineer, Dr. Erin - Ext. 5000 Director Special Education Services/CSE Chairperson egurdineer@northvillecsd.org 
Habla, Hillary Teacher - HS Social Studies, FACS hhabla@northvillecsd.org 
Hammons, Doug Teacher - Grade 4 dhammons@northvillecsd.org 
Harrington, Mary - Ext. 3029 Library Media Center Specialist mharrington@northvillecsd.org 
Harris, Jill Teacher - Grade 3 jharris@northvillecsd.org 
Hock, Cindy Teacher - MS Spanish chock@northvillecsd.org 
Hoffman, Warren Teacher - HS Science and Computer Engineering whoffman@northvillecsd.org 
Irie, Mika Teacher - MS Math mirie@northvillecsd.org 
Izzo, Karen - Ext. 5206 School Counselor, Dignity Act Coordinator kizzo@northvillecsd.org 
Kallen, Patricia Teacher - Physical Education, Health pkallen@northvillecsd.org 
Karbowski, John - Ext. 4111 Teacher - HS Social Studies; Athletic Director jkarbowski@northvillecsd.org 
Kohl, Marnie Teacher - MS Special Education mfeldman@northvillecsd.org 
Lent, Ed Teacher - Grade 5 elent@northvillecsd.org 
Long, James Teacher - HS Math jlong@northvillecsd.org 
Luckert, Dr. Lauren - Ext. 5201 School Psychologist lluckert@northvillecsd.org 
Matthews, Kristy Teacher - ES/MS/HS Music, Chorus kmatthews@northvillecsd.org 
McFarland, Kyle - Ext. 5208 Principal - Middle/High School kmcfarland@northvillecsd.org 
Meyers, Ethan Teacher - HS Science emeyers@northvillecsd.org 
Nordyke, Deborah Teacher - ES AIS Reading Services dnordyke@northvillecsd.org 
Pratt, Rebecca Teacher - Grade 2 rpratt@northvillecsd.org 
Raffetto, Gina Teacher - HS English graffetto@northvillecsd.org 
Reidell, Michele Teacher - HS Special Education mreidell@northvillecsd.org 
Reidell, Tammy - Ext. 4123 Principal - Elementary School treidell@northvillecsd.org 
Schmitt, Susan Teaching Assistant - Media Center sschmitt@northvillecsd.org 
Schuyler, Kimberly Teacher - HS Business kschuyler@northvillecsd.org 
Sedon, Suzanne Teacher - ES/MS/HS Art ssedon@northvillecsd.org 
Shepard, Cristen - Ext. 5208 Secretary - MS/HS cshepard@northvillecsd.org 
Sikora, Alicia Teacher - MS Social Studies asikora@northvillecsd.org 
Simonson, Shannon - Ext. 5000 Secretary - CSE, Homeschool Coordinator ssimonson@northvillecsd.org 
Snow, Sylvia - Ext. 3007 School Nutrition Manager ssnow@northvillecsd.org 
Spencer, Kathleen Teacher - ES Special Education kspencer@northvillecsd.org 
St. Onge, Laurel - Ext. 4119 District Treasurer lstonge@northvillecsd.org 
Straub, Sara Teacher - HS Social Studies scolaneri@northvillecsd.org 
Sweet , Wendy Teacher - ES Special Education wsweet@northvillecsd.org 
Thomarie, Shannon Teacher - MS/HS Spanish sthomarie@northvillecsd.org 
Valovic, Nicole Teacher - Pre-K nvalovic@northvillecsd.org 
Walker, Diane District Data Coordinator, Information Technology Specialist dwalker@northvillecsd.org 
WIlliams, Carla Teacher - Grade 3 cwilliams@northvillecsd.org 
Wojcicki, Patricia Speech Language Pathologist pwojcicki@northvillecsd.org 
Wolf, Dr. Kelly Teacher - HS English kwolf@northvillecsd.org 
Zmiyarch, Jessica Teacher - HS Math jzmiyarch@northvillecsd.org 
Showing 68 items