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Capital Project

In addition to the Capital Project Update posted April 30th, Dr. Ford thought everyone would like to see the exterior blueprint and plans as well as a larger image of the new basketball court that will be installed during the project. Please click on any image for an enlarged view. There are so many exciting changes happening!





Please click below for RFP (Request for Proposal) Documents Relating to the Proposed Prospect Street Soccer Fields:

Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see the exterior plans.

NCSD Capital Project to Lay Foundation for the Future - 12-10-16 Press Release

The Northville Central School Board of Education held a public workshop this week to discuss details of the district’s upcoming capital project. BOE members were joined by administration and faculty as well as parents and community members interested in learning about and providing input to the project plans.

NCSD Superintendent Dr. Leslie Ford opened the workshop by saying she is “eager for the work to begin” on the 7.5 million dollar project, which was approved by voters last March. Ford said she hopes the capital project helps “revitalize the heart of the community”, adding the project was prioritized to focus on improving safety, community interaction and the students’ school experience.

The workshop was led by project designers John Jojo and Tom Schiller, architects from Mosaic Associates, and Craig Tripp, senior landscape architect of The Chazen Companies. Jojo provided substantial information about the project’s scope, phasing and anticipated timing, while Schiller and Tripp respectively presented the interior and exterior plans for the 7.5 million dollar project.

Jojo said plans for the project were submitted on schedule to the State Education Department in November. NYSED must approve all capital project plans prior to the start of bidding and construction. Jojo stated the current NYSED schedule indicates Northville will likely get through the approval process by April, meaning bidding on the first phase of the project could be opened at that time and project work could begin as early as July, a full five months ahead of the original project timetable.

The NCS capital project involves numerous interior upgrades and renovations that would be best done when students are not in the building, according to Jojo. In addition, due to the complete reconfiguration of the school’s athletic fields, Jojo said the project will involve a “two-summer construction season...there are a lot of ‘what ifs’, and many decisions that will need to be made locally.” Ford added that those local decisions and a more precise demolition and construction schedule will be presented once the approval process is complete and an exact start date can be determined.

Schiller’s presentation of the building plans demonstrated their will be improvements made on every floor of the building. Project safety features will include new exterior doors at every building entry point and fire protection improvements in the basement and cafeteria, along with three new sets of exterior stairs, including at the main entry. On the first and second floors, the oldest restrooms in the building will be completely renovated, all lockers will be replaced, and water-damaged hallway ceilings will be removed and re-done. A new roof overlay to prevent future leaks and damage, additional attic insulation and new rooftop heating units for the gymnasium will make the school a safer, warmer and more comfortable place for everyone using the building.

Additionally, Schiller pointed out the capital project entails several energy saving features, including new LED lighting in several corridors and the auditorium and the replacement of the existing steam boilers with new, more efficient hot water boilers which will be able to burn less expensive fuel.

The plans for the grounds were presented by Tripp, who fielded several questions about the timing of the replacement of the baseball, softball and two soccer fields. Ford and NCS facilities manager Mike Catalina helped answer those questions, stating a plan has been made to create alternate fields near the Prospect Hill Cemetery. The fields would serve as the school’s main fields during the project, then remain for use as practice fields once the project is complete.

Tripp said the NCS design was a challenge, as he had to try “to fit a lot into a small space…and still achieve preferred orientation” of the fields. He added his main focus was to accommodate the best soccer fields possible, as the community and BOE made it clear soccer is a big priority locally. The new field layout will be ringed with a half-mile walking path, an outdoor fitness station on Third Street, where it’s easily accessed by the public, at least one basketball court, a revamped playground and an outdoor amphitheater that can be used as a learning space for up to 50 students. A preschool play area in front of the building and new fencing rounded out the exterior plans.

Elementary Principal Tammy Reidell was enthusiastic about the upcoming project, saying “I’m excited about the playground; it’s exciting for our school to see some of the improvements and changes. It’ll be nice to have dedicated areas for differently-aged children to enjoy the outdoor spaces, and the outdoor learning centers will be great.” Ford added that the playground and other areas of the exterior design were specifically focused on “strengthening imagination and creativity, which is in line with our district’s early literacy initiative.”